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  1. Empty Beach
    by Jeff Pearce
  2. Distant Echoes
    by Logic Gate
    Code Red Code Red
    I missed this when it first came out, picked it up at the same time as Into The Sunset. Haven't quite fully delved into it yet, but I can already tell it's another winner! Berlin school fans should add this to their Bandcamp collection without hesitation.
  3. Into the Sunset
    by Logic Gate
    Flashback Flashback
    Well, as Steve said in his comments, I've been a fan for years, and this new album is no exception. Looking at his release schedule, I will eagerly await his next one in, oh, about 2026. Great classic Berlin school sound, so good.
  4. Alive in the hall of possibilities (name-your-price)
    by theAdelaidean
  5. DiN MiX One (DiNDDL25)
    by Various
  6. The Book of Wanderers
    by Forrest Fang
  7. Inanna’s Dream (name-your-price)
    by Serena Gabriel (featuring Steve Roach)
  8. Empty Beach II
    by Jeff Pearce
  9. do velvet sheep dream of spacerock?
    by radio massacre international
    startide revisited startide revisited
    What a great way to hear my favorite band's one-offs! As advertised, this is a bit of a hodgepodge, experiments and what-not, but much more hits than misses, in my opinion. Worth checking out!
  10. Almagest
    by Under the Dome
    Monolith Monolith
    Listening to this it feels like Colin and Grant picked up right where they left off in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when they released several very good melodic Berlin school albums. Almagest is a worthy successor to their prior outings. Alternating subtle atmospheric tracks with more propulsive Teutonic leanings, this recording has something for all retro synth music fans. Highly recommended and just plain fun.
  11. Hidden Shores II
    by Jeff Pearce
  12. Isolation
    by The Adelaidean
  13. ORCHID [eM Compilation 2015]
    by Various Artists
  14. Colder
    by Redshift
  15. Offering to the Morning Fog
    by Robert Rich
    Refuge in Breathing Refuge in Breathing
    Robert, thank you so much for this wonderful, calming music in these turbulent times. Great from start to finish. Thanks especially for including the full album as the last track, since Bandcamp hasn't figured out gapless playback yet. :-)
  16. Dunes of Solace
    by Serena Gabriel
  17. Nectar Meditation
    by Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel
    All of Steve's music is very good; much of it is great; and a number of releases surpass even those. Nectar Meditation is one such album. Wonderful collaboration between Steve, Serena and Byron. Nectar of the gods? Indeed.
  18. Evening Clouds
    by Jeff Pearce
  19. Archive 1: Songs for the Gathering
    by Jeff Pearce
  20. Vestiges
    by Jeff Pearce