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  1. In A World Of Fear
    by Scale The Summit
    Cosmic Crown (feat. Jeff Loomis & James Ivanyi) Cosmic Crown (feat. Jeff Loomis & James Ivanyi)
  2. In The Head Of A Maniac
    by AudioPlastik
    Now Now
  3. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Electric Sunrise Electric Sunrise
    Plini music has a special magic about it for putting a joyous smile on your face, and this track is no exception. Perfect title and the opening evokes memories of those amazing Oz sunrises...and he's a bloody nice bloke too !!
  4. Urban Skies
    by Daniel Wellens
    The Big Smoke The Big Smoke
  5. Flux
    by Sean Ashe
    Imagine Imagine
  6. Riding Out Youth
    by David Locke
    Riding Out Youth Riding Out Youth