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  1. Sounds From The Deep Field
    by Bryan & the Aardvarks
  2. Yarrow
    by Kim Anderson
  3. Sikame
    by Lara Bello
    by Justin Brown
  5. This Land Abounds With Life
    by Fabian Almazan
  6. Of Agency and Abstraction
    by Rajna Swaminathan
  7. Open
    by The Necks
  8. Sex
    by The Necks
  9. Colin Hinton: Simulacra
    by Colin Hinton
  10. Very Sweet: Armenian-American Independent Releases, vol. 2 ca. 1926-29
    by Canary Records
  11. I Am Servant of Your Voice: April 1917 - June 1918
    by Zabelle Panosian
  12. Why I Came to America: More Folk Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, ca. 1917-47
    by Canary Records
  13. I Was Born a Badass Chick: Greek Music in NYC in the 1940s
    by Virginia Magidou
  14. To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-30
    by Canary Records
  15. Nightingales & Canaries, vol 1: "Oriental" Women on Record, New York & Istanbul, 1928-55
    by Canary Records
  16. Where Else Would I Be?
    by Olima Anditi
  17. A Better Cure: A Brief History of the Okeh Laughing Record & Its Progeny, 1904-1946
    by Canary Records
  18. the semifinals
    by aden
  19. Saccharine
    by Luke Martinez
  20. Atlantic Extraction
    by Nick Dunston
  21. Ambrosia
    by Joe Morris & Agustí Fernández
  22. From The Discrete To The Particular
    by Joe Morris • Agustí Fernández • Nate Wooley
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. After You've Gone
    by Peaceful Faces
  24. The Adornment of Time
    by Tyshawn Sorey
  25. Seconds
    by Jacob Hiser
  26. the semifinals (EP)
    by aden
  27. Digital Crystal
    by Jonstar
  28. Nude Piano: Iconic Rags of Scott Joplin
    by Petite Feet
  29. Macrocosm
    by Joe Morris and Do Yeon Kim
  30. Siffleuses: Professional Women Whistlers on Discs 1917-27 (+1907&1947)
    by Canary Records
  31. Metafagote
    by Rebekah Heller
  32. Telefone
    by Noname
  33. Room 25
    by Noname
  34. Lifeblood
    by Peter Evans
  35. Weatherbird
    by Cory Smythe & Peter Evans
  36. Handholding, Five Kinds
    by Tracie Morris
  37. Cloudsounds
  38. Planktonic Finales
    by Stephan Crump – Ingrid Laubrock – Cory Smythe
  39. Strata EP
    by Rafiq Bhatia
  40. Town and Country
    by Dominique Eade
  41. Building A Monument
    by Eric Stilwell Double Trio
  42. Time Machine
    by Wendy Eisenberg
  43. Coffee
    by Melissa Weikart
  44. Baby Syndrome
    by Birthday Ass
  45. MASS {Howl, eon}
    by Jason Moran