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  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
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  2. The Land of Enstrangement: Volume 1
    by Desert Records
  3. Angels are weeping... God has abandoned...
    by When the Deadbolt Breaks
  4. Volume: 1
    by The Horned God
  5. Blud
    by Nebula Drag
  6. The Land of Enstrangement: Volume 2
    by Desert Records
  7. The Devil and The Desert
    by Red Mesa
  8. God How I Envy The Deaf
    by Caustic Casanova
  9. Heavy Trip
    by Horseneck
  10. Inmerso en El Ande
    by Satanicos Marihuanos
  11. Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter 10
    by The W Likes / Palace in Thunderland
  12. Inspiration
    by Liquid Sun
    by Black Electric
  14. State of Shock
    by War Cloud
  15. The Hazytones
    by The Hazytones
  16. Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011
    by Stone Axe
  17. Have A Nice Day
    by Ghastly Sound
  18. 111
    by Hippie Death Cult
  19. Ruins Upon Ruins
    by Daxma
  20. SUMA : 2LP
    by SUMA
  21. All is Lost
    by Dead Feathers
  22. Revival
    by Gozu
  23. Seminar III: Zozobra
    by Old Man Gloom
  24. Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves
    by Belzebong
  25. Dungeon Vultures EP
    by Belzebong
  26. Greenferno
    by Belzebong
  27. Light the Dankness
    by Belzebong
  28. Nitrus
    by Void Vator
  29. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  30. The Thief
    by Horseburner
  31. Anxious Ghosts
    by LowFlyingHawks
  32. Beheaded
    by Lightsabres - STB-XXX
  33. If It Was It Would Be So
    by Dark Numbers
  34. Creations EP
    by Cegvera
  35. The Good Earth is Dying (Split w/ Cegvera)
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  36. Skullcrusher
    by Sister Midnight
  37. Dead Rituals
    by Swamp Witch
  38. Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze
    by Monolord
  39. The Land of Enstrangement: Volume 1
    by Desert Records
  40. Volume: 1
    by The Horned God
  41. Lonesome, On'ry and Evil
    by Leather Lung
  42. Coven of the Snake
    by Arrowhead
  43. Wolftooth
    by Wolftooth
  44. Unhanded
    by the Munsens
  45. Semuta
    by Lord Vapour