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Phillip Plancarte

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  1. セクシー スマイル b/w 甘いキッス
    by Rommel (ロンメル)
  2. Detestation (Reissue)
    by GISM
  3. S/T
    by Pipyu (ピッピュ)
  4. Death Training
    by Kyoufu Shinbun (恐怖新聞)
  5. S/T
    by Portray Heads
  6. The final egg
    by Circle Of Ouroborus
  7. The Last Sanctuary
    by Grave New World
  8. Total Steel
    by Sacrifice
  9. Crest Of Red b/w Metal Soldier [Demo]
    by Magnesium
  10. Diastereomer - Demo And Live Tracks, Vol. 1
    by Diastereomer
  11. Communist
    by Kyosanto (共三党)
  12. Demo 2016
    by Hexenslaught
  13. Yellow Eyes - Stillicide one-sided LP
    by Yellow Eyes
  14. One Thousand Horizon
    by Axion117
  15. MF002: Nanashi 2
    by DHuntzYo x kabocha
  16. ETT - 028 - The Coneheads - L.P.1. aka "14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo for the Sake of Extorting $$$ from Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L.P."
    by The Coneheads
  17. The Pits of Tentacled Screams
  18. Prelude To Apocalypse
    by Disciples Of Mockery
  19. Gallowdance
    by Lebanon Hanover
  20. Window Hammer
    by Sissy Spacek