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Philippe Noel

  1. Brussels, Belgium
  2. Rock
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  1. Ameri'ka
    by Jesse Malin
  2. Woman In Color
    by Raye Zaragoza
    They Say They Say
  3. Fight For You
    by Raye Zaragoza
    In The River In The River
  4. I'm the stranger
    by Lylac
  5. Familiar Ground
    by John Calvin Abney
  6. Live - Across The Water
  7. Safe Passage
    by John Calvin Abney
    Kind Days Kind Days
  8. Fascinating
    by R.E.M.
  9. Torch
    by The Frictions
  10. Me And The Mountain
    by Leeroy Stagger
  11. What Is and Was
    by Paula Frazer and Tarnation
  12. The Advice to Travel Light
    by Marble Sounds
  13. The Devil's Coming In
    by A Boy With A Beard
  14. A Boy With A Beard (EP)
    by A Boy With A Beard
  15. Chic
    by la position du tireur couché
    ça me travaille ça me travaille
  16. The Oceans of Ganymede
  17. Morro Bay
    Morro Bay Morro Bay
  18. The Sacred Shakers Live
    by The Sacred Shakers
    Won't You Come And Sing For Me Won't You Come And Sing For Me
  19. Tell Her What She's Won
    by Girl Singer