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  1. Ichiko Aoba with 12 Ensemble (Live at Milton Court)
    by Ichiko Aoba
    Red Silence (live at Milton Court, London, 2022) Red Silence (live at Milton Court, London, 2022)
    Another exquisite live recording by Ichiko Aoba, this time with a small string ensemble that adds even more emotional resonance to her delicate, intimate songs.
  2. Queen Of The Meadow
    by Elysian Fields
    Hearts Are Open Graves Hearts Are Open Graves
    I’m running out of words for how excellent this band is. They never, never disappoint: that ever-inventive voicey voice and varied instrumental palette, and lyrics that so often startle and delight. Every album melts into you.
  3. London Brew
    by London Brew
    Raven Flies Low Raven Flies Low
    I saw Miles perform “Bitches Brew” at New York’s Fillmore East in 1970, will never forget that experience. So glad that these stellar London jazz musicians are channeling that masterpiece.
  4. Transience Of Life
    by Elysian Fields
    The Birds Scatter To The Wood The Birds Scatter To The Wood
    This album, while inspired by the fictions of the 18th century Chinese novelist Cáo Xuêqín, also manages to offer a sorrowful grace for that terrifying year of 2020. Themes of fate, separation or sudden loss, death, ghosts, and the abuse of power recur. And what bitter consolation, that lovely final song and its refrain: "Those that see through the world/escape from the world."
    Another brilliant record.
  5. The Liquified Throne of Simplicity
    by Širom
    Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep
    "Imaginary folk" indeed!
    These dreamy, trance-like excursions sound like a music I've always wanted to hear, even if I didn't know I wanted to hear it.
  6. Dreams That Breathe Your Name
    by Elysian Fields
    Live For The Touch Live For The Touch
    No fair--how to choose a favorite track from this superb album?(Note to self: is there any Elysian Fields album that isn't superb?) So, a toss of the dice, and it’s . . .

    P.S. I absolutely love how tracks 11, 12, and 13 seem to be three parts of the same song.
  7. Pink Air
    by Elysian Fields
    Time Capsule Time Capsule
    The magnificent Elysian Fields roughs up its sound in response to the horrific Trump years. And yet there's no lack of dreamy beauty, either, in yet another first-rate album.
  8. 3MA
    by Driss El Maloumi - Ballaké Sissoko - Rajery
    Anfass Anfass
    So many strings, so many fingers, so much masterful harmonic and rhythmic territory.
  9. Ghosts of No
    by Elysian Fields
    I am now officially obsessed with this band's music. I pray there is no cure.
    Favorite track: Crossrail Drive
  10. For House Cats And Sea Fans
    by Elysian Fields
    Hit By A Wandering Moon Hit By A Wandering Moon
    Yet another great album! Elysian Fields' back catalogue is filled with excellence.
  11. Once Beautiful Twice Removed
    by Elysian Fields
    Elegance To Forgetting Elegance To Forgetting
    The world is mean, that I somehow hadn't discovered the music of Elysian Fields until 2023.
    The world is sweet, that I’ve finally discovered the music of Elysian Fields in 2023.
  12. Bum Raps & Love Taps
    by Elysian Fields
    When When
    The highest art of popular song. So why am I crying?
  13. The Afterlife
    by Elysian Fields
    The Moment The Moment
    Oh my god, “The Moment” is one of the best, most profound songs ever written. And the other songs on this album are damn close.
  14. "gift" at Sogetsu Hall
    by Ichiko Aoba
    機械仕掛乃宇宙 ("gift" live ver.) 機械仕掛乃宇宙 ("gift" live ver.)
    I love Ichiko Aoba's breakthrough album, "Windswept Adan," but the hushed, crystalline beauty and clarity of this solo live performance just might surpass it.
  15. Dialogues
    by Su-a Lee
    The Witch of Leanachan (Feat. Donald Grant) The Witch of Leanachan (Feat. Donald Grant)
    My father was born in Glasgow, yet somehow I have never visited Scotland. This lovely music sounds like my ticket of return to the country of his birth.
  16. Hidden Patterns
    by Michel Banabila
    Descending The Mountain (featuring Oene van Geel) Descending The Mountain (featuring Oene van Geel)
    It’s like a light-filled warehouse brimming with Banabila goodness.
  17. Over Tage (Deluxe Edition)
    by Svaneborg Kardyb
    Ubemærket Ubemærket
    Like the lightest of steps in an elegant, ever-unfolding waltz.
  18. Oras Dezaoradas
    by Lily Henley
    Alta Alta Va La Luna Alta Alta Va La Luna
    Oh, this voice. Oh, these songs.
  19. Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy
    by Jeff Parker ETA IVtet
    Reminds me of Soft Machine's Third, though on a higher plane.
    Plus, anyone who name-checks the Clarence White-era Byrds has stolen my heart.
  20. Winter Island
    by Allysen Callery
    Snow Pony Snow Pony
    When in doubt in this world, seek out more Allysen Callery music.