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  1. It Will Come To You LP
    by ACTORS
  2. Mining For Heart
    by ACTORS
  3. Reanimated EP
    by ACTORS
  4. Post Traumatic Love / Nightlife
    by ACTORS
  5. One Hundred Years
    by ACTORS
  6. It Goes Away
    by ACTORS
  7. Kiss of Death
    by Black Angel
    Kiss of Death Kiss of Death
    I turned 50 upon this release. Thank you Black Angel for the trip down memory lane. This album is reminiscent of my gothic/alternative 80's youth. A perfect and spot-on outpouring of 80's underground/goth/alternative/spooky culture. I love this. I am this.
  8. The Widow
    by Black Angel
  9. The Widow Extended Deluxe
    by Black Angel
    Creeper - Remastered 2020 Creeper - Remastered 2020
    I have fallen hard for Black Angel. I can hear all the influences that I love, early works of The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Joy Division, as well as others. Only Black Angel owns it, makes it all meld into an original sound. I can groove, slam, and reflect all on the same motion. Old school with a modern dark twist. A salute to the parents of goth rock and post-punk while taking it all to the next level. Thank you Black Angel. Creeper is reminiscent of The Cure 1982.
  10. She's Really Not That Into You
    by The Bad Dreamers
  11. Self Inflict (The Anix Remix)
    by Circle of Dust
  12. My Love Is Electric
    by Dimitri Berzerk
  13. Resist EP
    by Dimitri Berzerk
  14. XV
    by Pete Crane
    by Becko
  16. BATTLEGROUND (feat. Karen Elliot)
    by ALEX
  17. Artifact I
    by Anything Box
  18. The Dividing - 10th Anniversary Edition
    by Android Lust
  19. Expedition (feat. Richy Nix)
    by 3D Stas
  20. Redneck Technology
    by 3D Stas