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  1. Live - at The Big Comfy Bookshop
    by Jess Morgan
  2. For
    by Úna Monaghan
  3. Everything I Did Last Year (SINGLES COLLECTION)
    by Jess Morgan
  4. Congregation of Vapours
    by Ratatosk
  5. Drove (EP)
    by Luke James Williams
  6. Sunday/Don't Wanna Take A Chance - feat. Robert Vincent - DDL
    by Blue Rose Code
  7. Red Kites/I Will Lay You Down - DDL
    by Blue Rose Code
  8. Filthy Jokes EP
    by Loebe & Napier
  9. The Strange Blue Dreams
    by The Strange Blue Dreams
  10. Death For The Decent
    by Campbell Sibthorpe
  11. Live At The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
    by Blue Rose Code
  12. Recovery EP1
    by RM Hubbert
  13. Live At The Convent, 2016
    by Blue Rose Code
  14. There's No Such Thing As a Protest Singer
    by Grace Petrie
  15. Chasing Sunlight/Rebecca
    by Blue Rose Code
  16. ...And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing
    by Blue Rose Code
  17. Very Interesting Extras
    by Findlay Napier
    by Paul Liddell
  19. Grateful - Single EP
    by Blue Rose Code
  20. The Elusive Highland Beauty
    by Elephant Sessions
  21. Iron Horse
    by Me for Queen
  22. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled
    by kathryn joseph
  23. Live At St Pancras Old Church, London 2014
    by Blue Rose Code
  24. KNOTS
    by Matt Stalker & Fables