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  1. DBL - Demonstration Tape and B Sides
    by Project 86
  2. Drawing Black Lines 20th Anniversary
    by Project 86
  3. Live Atrocity - The Inception Of Sufferance
    by Revulsed
  4. His thoughts
    by My Darkest Time
  5. Onward (13th Anniversary Edition) (Black/Unblack Metal)
    by Sorrowstorm
  6. Escaping the Stupor (Remastered & Expanded) (Brutal/Extreme Death Metal)
    by Sacrificium
  7. Cold Black Piece of Flesh (Coldest Blackest Edition) (Death Metal)
    by Sacrificium
  8. Waves Are Dancing (Remastered) (Folk Black/Unblack Metal)
    by Holy Blood
  9. Shining Sun (Remastered & Expanded) (Black/Death/Folk)
    by Holy Blood
  10. Dark Tales (Remastered & Expanded) (Black/Unblack metal)
    by Hawthorn
  11. A Gift To My God
    by Since The Death
  12. Day Of Vengeance (Remastered) (Black Death Folk Metal)
    by Holy Blood
  13. Replanting
    by Brownstory
  14. Frank's Enemy (REYmastered)
    by Frank's Enemy
  15. When Powers Fall
    by Theocracy AD
  16. The Painful Experience
    by Kekal
  17. Alternate Frequency Reception EP
    by Kekal
  18. 8
    by Kekal
  19. Multilateral
    by Kekal
  20. Quantum Resolution
    by Kekal