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  1. Vladavina Vampira
    by Talog
  2. Ukleta Kotlina
    by Talog
  3. Drakulin Sud
    by Talog
  4. "The Bottomless Perdition"
    by Tomb Mold
  5. Evoked From Abysmal Sleep
  6. Unending Degradation
    by Krypts
    Dark. Gloom. Doom. Death. Occult. Evil. Esoteric. Atmospheric. Crushing. Heavy. SO many adjectives and yet it still doesn’t quite capture how amazing this fucking album and band sounds and FEELS.

    BUY IT!
  7. Into Desolate Realms
  8. "Cryptic Transmissions"
    by Tomb Mold
  9. "The Moulting"
    by Tomb Mold
  10. "Cerulean Salvation"
    by Tomb Mold
    Cerulean Salvation Cerulean Salvation
    They kept popping up on YouTube but I kept ignoring them, when I finally decided to give them a go... let’s just say that I regret not checking this out earlier. This is fucking fantastic!
  11. Unhumanized
    by CIANIDE
    Shadow of the Claw Shadow of the Claw
    My first taste of Cianide was “The Dying Truth” some seventeen years ago and I was blown away. Hadn’t listened to them very much for a few years now and checked out “Unhumanized” a little while back. Blown away again!
  12. HDK 44 † The spectre of the duke
  13. HDK 45 † The vanished civilization of Xattoth
    by TIR
  14. HDK 47 † Das Schloss von Dr. Angst
    by DR. ANGST
  15. HDK 29 † Dunjon Majik
  16. The unspeakable horror
    by Glaukom Synod
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. HDK 34 † The weaver in the vault
    The wreckage of once-lofty towers The wreckage of once-lofty towers
    Chilling, eerie and evocative. I’ve been wanting to, but never getting around to, read some Clark Ashton Smith and now I have a tangible NEED for it. Where the hell do HDK find all these awesome DS artists!?
  18. Empress Rising
    by Monolord
    Audhumbla Audhumbla
    Saw the video for “Empress Rising” about three years ago, was not impressed. Saw them live a year later and albums they put out really live up to the expectations set by their crushing live performances. Great album by a great band.
  19. Conan - Monnos
    by Conan
    Grim Tormentor Grim Tormentor
    Crushing. Pummelling. Bonebreaking. Get it! Got it?!
  20. Revengeance
    by Conan
  21. HDK 41 † The Erth's Town Mystery
    The guardians of the cave The guardians of the cave
    BLOOD TOWER found it’s place among my favourites of the DS genre immediately. Eerie and epic with a difference in sound, compared to other HDK greats like Kobold and Basic Dungeon, BLOOD TOWER is all together it’s own beast but just as great as the aforementioned acts. If you missed out on the tapes then grab a download instead, the magic isn’t lost in any way!
  22. HDK 35 † Perils in the slums scenario 1: the orcs commune
    A fetid prison cell A fetid prison cell
    BASIC DUNGEON is simply put really, really awesome. The sounds and moods they create are spot on! I luckily got hold of a tape this time around but just the download will take you down many dimly lit corridors of risky adventure.
  23. Suicide Cult
    by Suicide Cult
    You're Trapped/One Way Out You're Trapped/One Way Out
    One of my new favourite bands, I wish I could get it on vinyl or tape but the awesomeness isn’t hindered by the lack of a tape/vinyl in my hands.

    Drink the koolaid people!
    Drink, Die, DOOM!
  24. HDK 28 † The valley of the forgotten secrets
    by KOBOLD
    The abyss horror The abyss horror
    Genius! I simply can’t get enough of KOBOLD. I demand a re-release of the tapes and I hear whispers of... wait, here comes another random encounter! Gotta get my axe out!
  25. HDK 07 † The curse of the ancient abbey
    by KOBOLD
    The dead rise again inside the ossuary The dead rise again inside the ossuary
    Kobold doesn't seem to be able to do anything wrong, this is outright amazing! Evokes feelings of mystery and vivid imagery of dark dungeons filled with danger and adventure.
  26. HDK 02 † The cave of the lost talisman
    by KOBOLD
    Escape from the Evil Confraternity Escape from the Evil Confraternity
    This stuff is amazing! Perfect soundtrack for a dungeoncrawl.
  27. FABLED BLACK RIDER "Fabled Black Rider"
    by Fabled Black Rider
    by Fabled Black Rider
  29. BALIN'S TOMB "Shadow of Mordor"
    by Balin's Tomb
  30. Antihero
    by Elric
    Philosopher King Philosopher King
    The last Elric album or whatever you wanna call it. Still love it, it’s nothing less than great and I could totally see these three releases as tape-releases by HDK! In fact, I demand it!
  31. Elric of Melniboné
    by Elric
    Kinslayer Kinslayer
    Still epic as balls! If you have even the faintest idea of who Moorcock and Elric is you have to get this. I wish I could get this on tape.
  32. Stormbringer
    by Elric
    Great Battle of Law & Chaos Great Battle of Law & Chaos
    Epic and highly satisfying! When I play Final Fantasy on my Nintendo I mute the sound and listen to Elric instead. Get it, love it, and the get then next one as well!
  33. Never See The Sun
    by Suicide Cult
    Make You A Slave Make You A Slave
    Fuck yeah! This is so fucking great - buy or DIE!
  34. The Bitter Wind
    by Acolytes of Moros
  35. Loka Leikur
    by Krauka
  36. Gjörningur
    by Krauka
  37. Utgardsloki
    by Krauka
  38. Bylur
    by Krauka
  39. Stiklur
    by Krauka
  40. Oðinn
    by Krauka
  41. Vikinga Seiður
    by Krauka
  42. Timinn tifar (EP)
    by Krauka
  43. The Black Pullet EP
    by DRYAD
  44. Lunarterial
    by Swallowed
    Black Phlegm Black Phlegm
    Weird, otherworldly, occult - Awesome!
  45. REBORN IN 3D
    by Numbah Ten