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  1. When We Are Forgotten
    by Imperium Dekadenz
  2. Ða bisena (2004 - 2008)
    by Ildra
  3. Arcane Forest Rites
    by Mysticism
  4. Nueit De Sabbat
    by Stille Volk
  5. Milharis
    by Stille Volk
  6. DRA SAD III (Beneath the Uplands of Doom)
    by ELFFOR
  7. Reign In Supreme Darkness
    by VARGRAV
  8. Into Endless Night
    by Remete
    Stillness Stillness
    I keep coming back to this over and over again.. one of the best releases of the year so far!
  9. Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes
  10. Adore
    by Numenorean
  11. Nos Racines...
    by Bois
  12. Unalterable
    by Mist of Misery
  13. When No Trails (Когда Нет Троп)
    by Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы)
  14. Patterns in Mythology
    by Falls of Rauros
  15. No Ruidar da Mata que Mirra
    by Kaatayra
  16. Dépayser
    by Nyss
  17. Ephemeral Visions
    by Frostveil
    by Dauþuz
  19. Les Grandes Compagnies
    by GRYLLE
  20. Monstres et Merveilles
    by GRYLLE
  21. Nattramn
    by Ereb Altor
  22. Sacral Regicide
    by Eigenlicht
    by Eigenlicht-Metal
    Berserker Berserker
    Enigmatic and original black metal which is sure to please... full support!
  24. Sovereign
    by Ruadh
  25. Beltaine
    by Z I N V M M
  26. Moth's Illusion
    by Enisum
  27. V. Wastow
    by Ifernach
  28. IV. Gaqtaqaiaq
    by Ifernach
  29. III // Herbst
    by Fields of Mildew
  30. Ciel Noir
    by Immorior
  31. Voices Of The Arctic Winter
    by Frozen Dreams
  32. In His Granite Realm
    by Beorn's Hall
  33. Sotakesä
    by Ruumisto
  34. Sysimaat
    by Ruumisto
  35. Dans les Griffes de l'Oubli
    by Gargoylium
  36. Véhémence - Par le Sang Versé
    by Véhémence
  37. Of Dying Lights
    by Dwarrowdelf
  38. Dwine
    by Faery Ring
  39. Nightside Valkyries
    by Firmament
    My nocturnal Journey My nocturnal Journey
    Debut of the century. Fans of this particular niche will be absolutely spellbound. Full and total support!!
  40. The Unbeknownst Tyrant
    by Enscelados
  41. The Devouring God
    by Enscelados
  42. A Flame That Pierces With A Deadly Cold
    by Erebos
  43. Seidhjallar
    by Runahild
  44. Ordeals
    by Dame Silú de Mordomoire
    The Fallen The Fallen
    Easily one of my favourite discoveries of recent times. This is an accomplished and original blend of DS, neoclassical and darkwave styles with tremendous use of percussion and keys, accompanied by an out-of-this-world vocal performance. Highly recommended!
  45. Leech and Wort
    by Faery Ring