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  2. Pagan Day
    by PyPy
    Unrelenting pounding. First class.
  3. Six-Ten
    by East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band
  4. The Kindness
    by haunted house
  5. I Only Fucked You as a Joke
  6. An Actual Thing
    by Anguish Sandwich
  7. Big Frog
    by SNORK
  8. Shut Up
    by White Fang
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  9. Family Tapes Vol. 1
    by horrible houses
  10. Troglodyte Girl
    by The 99ers
  11. Euthanasie
    by Les Olivensteins
  12. Nightmare b/w Down To Hell
    by Mexican Knives
  13. Cold House Song
    by Jenny Ritter
    brings to mind Nina Nastasia and Laura Gibson. Enough said.
  14. Reykjavictim: Catfood
    by Reykjavictim
    says it's written by Pairs, which is some kind of stamp of quality (to these ears, anyhow), and what I've heard of Reykjavictim on Sean Hocking's Dandelion Radio show has been consistently ace.
    by honeyslide
    Is it shoegaze? I dunno, but it's slow, it's fuzzy, and it's gorgeous.
  16. Cat Scan
    by Turvey Park/The Removalists
    Turvey Park - One Pub Town Turvey Park - One Pub Town
    When is Indie not Indie? When it's on a par with the likes of The June Brides or The Loft. Turvey Park are that good, and The Removalists aren't too shoddy, either.
  17. The Light
    by Toliesel
    The Light (Message To Bears Remix) The Light (Message To Bears Remix)
    Tom Ravenscroft has played this two weeks in a row, now, and it's easy to hear why.
  18. Searching Through The Past
    by Bleached
    ex Mika Miko sounding like a better Best Coast.
  19. The Diary Of Me
    by Laurence Made Me Cry
    All That Patience Brings All That Patience Brings
  20. Dreamlands
    by Sauna Youth
    Snapback Snapback
  21. Sleep Rough
    by Brain F≠
    Marathon Tops Marathon Tops
    been meaning to get hold of this for some time - unique and thrilling.
  22. False Jesii Pt. II
    by Sauna Youth
    False Jesii Pt. II False Jesii Pt. II
    Heard a track from the album on Dandelion Radio, then the Vicious Visions garage punk podcast played this a few days later. Great version of a very moving song; made me want to go back and listen to more Pissed Jeans, too.
    by Slow Warm Death
  24. Time Battle
    by bloodbirds
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  25. Nothing to write home about
    by Flies on you
  26. Grandparent
    by Pairs
  27. If I Had A Van
    by White Fang
  28. Lord Knows Best
    by Alex Zhang Hungtai
  29. I Got the Pox, The Pox Is What I Got EP
    by Benjamin Shaw
  30. There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet
    by Benjamin Shaw
  31. Dandelion Radio Session 2011
    by The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
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  32. Burying The Bones
    by The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
  33. Summer Sweat
    by Pairs