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Pete Sasqwax

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  1. zentrum statisch
  2. Visitor - New Space (Glitch)
    by Matt Bloom
  3. Square Wave Adventures
    by Torb The Roach & Floppy MacSpace
  4. Sleep Deprived Pessimist - Nautilus Edition
    by Morti Viventear
  5. Sparring
    by COOL FANG
  6. In the Clouds
    by Project Tempo
  7. Musicity 003 Shenzhen/Shanghai
    by Simon James
  8. The Mess (Bonus Song Included)
    by One Man Love Triangle
  9. Popular Fallacies (True Lies)
    by John Doe / 1200 Hobos
  10. The Last Amateur (One Hour Photo)
    by John Doe / 1200 Hobos
  11. The A.M. Sessions (While You Were Sleeping)
    by John Doe / 1200 Hobos
  12. Wazzabi Cuts
    by Mhaze
  13. Welcome to Mars music
    by The Simonsound
  14. Akiha Den Den
    by Simon James
  15. Multitrack Mind
    by Never Ending Echo
  16. Foamer
    by Tenshun/10shun
  17. wolf under the moon's sky
    by rural lamplight
  18. Truths: Z Tapes (Special Edition)
    by ❀ Foliage ❀
  19. Lovecraftsmanship
    by Morti Viventear
  20. Zero (Reissue)
    by Amputee
  21. Split Mutilation
    by Tenshun & Bonzo
  22. The Neck Cracker
    by I had An Accident
  23. Speicherbank
    by Moss Covered Technology
  24. Face First EP
    by Sinking Swimmer
  25. Scraps: outtakes, demos, ideas 2000-2014
    by Controller 7
  26. Bongchops
    by Bongchops
    Are you kidding me with this filth? Pure drum junk - unadulterated raw nastiness. After the first hit of this I experienced a simultaneous black- and red-out (impossible?you don't have to tell me - science, be damned!). I awoke many hours later in a brackish pool of unidentifiable origin with my face on backwards and huge, gnarled fists where my ears used to be.

    HELL to the YES, you need this in your life!
  27. Autophagia
    by I had An Accident
  28. AXIS II
    by Damien
  29. Golden Bangkok Guest
    by Buddy Peace
    by dead pirates
  31. blood_ballads
    by black_monologs
  32. Sounds From The Cave EP
    by Mr. Chop
  33. Psychosis
    by Amputee & 10shun
  34. Instinct: A Study on Tension, Fear and Anxiety
    by Markey Funk
  35. #SaveDevSt
    by Save Dev Street
  36. Trip De Boucles Piquées
    by Morti Viventear
  37. Sinking Swimmer II 10"
    by John Pain & Egadz
  38. Night Of The Flavigator
    by Grandeurs Of Delusion
  39. Blunt Raps
  40. Circular causality EP
    by chile
    by feend
  42. ouverture
    by hinterland recordings
  43. Sinking Swimmer 10"
    by John Pain & Egadz
  44. Abyssal Plains 7"
    by Son Of A Bricklayer & Madslo
  45. Amature Hour
    by DJ Lobotomy feat. D. Klopek