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Peter Selig

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  1. Asphyxiating On Jingle Balls
    by Operation Cunt Destroyer
  2. The Absolution of Hatred
    by Lorna Shore
  3. The First Rape In Space
    by Alien Fucker
    06 The First Rape In Space 06 The First Rape In Space
    Dear AlienFucker, I hope someday soon you guys will get some nice alien puss puss. Once I had an encounter with an alien and they offered me dinner what ever you do under any circumstance don't have their "Beef Qweef with Shmegma sauce" trust me, you will not be pleased. You're probably wondering how the "Beef Qweef" is made? So what happens is usually the head female alien fuck toy will take cattle from Earth onto their ship, then use her laser clit to slice thin layers of beef off from the cow. Eventually it looks like Roast Beef, but then she folds it up and places it in her vag, then uses a handle of a shovel and really gets it up in there. Then this is the waiting process, you need to wait for all that air that got pressed up in there to turn into a toxic gas. After approximately 60+ PSI builds up the Beef will be completely dehydrated but still coved in green slime that shoots out of her. Then you use your plate to catch the Beef Qweef