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  1. Remover of Difficulties
    by Luke Slott
  2. The Ancient Beauty
    by Elika Mahony
  3. Everywhere At Once
    by JB Eckl
    Book of Revelations Book of Revelations
    i I woke up at 4:30 am today despite setting my alarm for 5:30. I had a riff from Book of Revelations stuck in my head so decided to listen to the lyrics carefully for a change. OMG they put an unflattering mirror in front of my soul! You nailed it! This song captures that moment of profound honesty when a soul desiring to progress spiritually faces the unavoidable point of translating understanding into action. My only disappointment with the song is that the guitar solo ended way to soon! It started taking me somewhere magical and the journey ended just when I was about rise above the clouds. Do you have any gigs coming up in LA? I’d love to hear more!

    This album is a real gift for anyone who aspires to take their life to a higher stage and fan of artful rock music. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us and baring your soul!
  4. Best of Tara Ellis Devotions
    by Dawnbreaker Collective
  5. Badasht Vol. I - While the City Sleeps
    by The Badasht Project
  6. Meditations for the Fast
    by Elika Mahony
  7. This Newborn Child
    by Ramine Yazhari
  8. Marchesano
    by Michael James
  9. Sound of Bamboo- Meditations by the Stream
    by Massood Taj
  10. Glimmerings
    by Elika Mahony
  11. Badasht Vol. II - Raise Me Up
    by The Badasht Project
  12. Badasht Vol. III - Visionaries
    by The Badasht Project - Various Artists
  13. Long Journey
    by Ramine Yazhari
  14. Long Journey (Acoustic Demos)
    by Ramine Yazhari
    O Son of the Supreme O Son of the Supreme
  15. Amame
    by Elika Mahony and Ali Youssefi