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  1. i'm bad news
    by zebu fur
  2. Dread
    by Wolf Eyes
  3. ROGUE PULSE / GRAVITY COLLAPSE Benefit Compilation
  4. 007 Town [OSR67]
    by R. Hundro
  5. Ratan Altan [OSRXX]
    by Nals Goring
  6. Prime Example [OSR47]
    by Hellier Ulysses
  7. Cassette [OSR74]
    by Mark Beer
  8. Enka Blues [OSR61]
    by Tori Kudo
  9. Other Motions [OSR63]
    by Ben Lawless
  10. Open Session Rock [OSR3]
    by Blanche Blanche Blanche
  11. Rebuking The Despoiler [OSRXX]
    by Sord
  12. Hello NewYork [LP/CD, OSR60]
    by Maher Shalal Hash Baz
  13. White/Blanche cassingle [OSR10]
    by Hartley C. White & Blanche Blanche Blanche
  14. Freedome [OSR52]
    by Flaming Dragons Of Middle Earth
  15. Would Not Try cassingle [OSR9]
    by Big French
  16. A Time To Look Back [OSR23]
    by Jimmie Packard
  17. Martyr Group [OSR29]
    by Martyr Group
  18. Termite Music [OSR15]
    by Blanche Blanche Blanche
  19. OSR#33
    by JPS
  20. This Is Not What You Expect LP [OSR26]
    by Hartley C. White