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  1. Mommy Issues
    by The Narcotix
    John/Joseph John/Joseph
    because I have functioning ears, that's why
  2. We're OK. But We're Lost Anyway
    by Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
    So Many Things (To Feel Guilty About) So Many Things (To Feel Guilty About)
  3. Always Seem To Get Things Wrong
    by Gabi Hartmann
  4. Electric Ursa
    by Joan Shelley
    This album is perfect. Perfect, I say!
    Favorite track: Moss & Marrow
    by Low
    Days Like These Days Like These
  6. Bon Enfant
    by Bon Enfant
    Magie Magie
  7. Saint Cloud +3
    by Waxahatchee
    Fire Fire
    So. Good.
  8. The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania
    by Damien Jurado
    I've never related to an album cover more.
  9. Classified (Remixed & Expanded Edition)
    by James Booker
    Medley: Tico Tico / Papa Was A Rascal / So Swell When You're Well Medley: Tico Tico / Papa Was A Rascal / So Swell When You're Well
    because it's James [expletive deleted] Booker, that's why
  10. Sympathetic Magic
    by TYPHOON
    Empire Builder Empire Builder
    beautiful and heart-rending in the best possible way
  11. The Blue Heart Revue
    by The Blue Heart Revue
    Another Time And Place Another Time And Place
  12. UNTITLED (Black Is)
    by SAULT
    Wildfires Wildfires
    An essential album. Absolutely stunning and brilliant. One that gets even better with every listen.
  13. Bonny Light Horseman
    by Bonny Light Horseman
    Deep In Love Deep In Love
    Exclamation point! This album is a wonder.
  14. Like The River Loves The Sea
    by Joan Shelley
    We live in absurd times, but at least we have Joan Shelley's exquisite music. It always helps. Her voice is a warm hug to the soul. Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg are minor deities, etc.
    Favorite track: all of 'em
  15. The Horizon Just Laughed
    by Damien Jurado
    Over Rainbows and Rainier Over Rainbows and Rainier
    One of my favorite songwriters out there.
  16. Purple Mountains
    by Purple Mountains
    David Berman Forever
  17. Hymns To My Amnesia
    by Jay William Henderson
    Tide Tide
    Just $8 to greatly improve your day with this gorgeous album. Money and time well spent.
  18. Get Well Soon
    by Talitha Ferri
    Home Home
    A truly stunning debut album.
  19. Salt
    by Angie McMahon
    And I Am A Woman And I Am A Woman
    Essential listening, this. A stunner through & through.
  20. Come On Up To The House: Women Sing Waits
    by Dualtone Music Group, Inc.
    Downtown Train Downtown Train
    Can't go wrong with these great artists singing Tom Waits lyrics. A gem of an album, this one.