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  1. - Selected works -
    by Caminauta
  2. Every Beginning - Piano Nights Sessions 02
    by Caminauta
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Туманность Андромеды
    by Луч
  4. Against Strong Thinking
    by SDH
    You Pt. 12 You Pt. 12
  5. Monument
    by Molchat Doma
    Ответа Нет / Otveta Net Ответа Нет / Otveta Net
  6. Invansion
    by Caminauta
    What's not to love? Caminauta delivers consistently excellent work.
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Скромные Апартаменты
    by Буерак
  8. Я Так Ненавижу Это
    by ssshhhiiittt!
  9. Вторая жизнь
    by ssshhhiiittt!
  10. some junk tapes from outer space
    by corn wave
    velvet velvet
    this is so damn good I had to buy it twice cos i got sucked into a parallel universe listening to it where paypal and my bank declined my transaction... it was a pretty weird trip 9/10 I'd totally do it all again.
  11. Preserved Moments - Piano Nights sessions - 01
    by Caminauta
  12. ты и твоя тень
    by увула
  13. When The Silence Speak...
    by Caminauta
  14. Russian Tour
    by Belka Records
  15. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
    sudno (Boris Ryzhy) sudno (Boris Ryzhy)
    Eastern Europeans are making the best post punk new wave music since the 80s. This album is a highlight.
  16. ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁Dreamland⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂
    by Caminauta
  17. Reset - (Live Set)
    by Caminauta
  18. Morning Walks (live set)
    by Caminauta
  19. I'm Not Going Anywhere
    by Dan Mason
  20. Operational Excellence
    by b a k m a h n
    First track I'd heard of b a k m a h n from a facebook teaser a friend shared, I bought the tape for this "exclusive" tune and now I own it in the wonderful wav format also.