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  1. I speak the truth, yet with every word uttered, thousands die
  2. 殞煞 Vengeful Spectre
  3. Enkar
    by Al-Namrood
    Halak Halak
    Very good riffs, little touches of MENA folk, a very good vox (who knew that arabic and growling got along so well?) and a mix that makes you want to blast this through the neighbourhood at full volume, so what's not to like?
  4. Rinne mé iarraidh
    by Fós
  5. 1992-1994 Discography Digital download
    by Timeghoul
  6. Ruined
    by Wasteland Coven
    Endless Night Endless Night
    Classic, riff-centric doom metal with a deep female vox it's certainly nothing new, but these guys clearly show potential to become at least very good artisans of the genre. Not bad at all for a debut album.
  7. The Shape of Medieval Music to Come
    by Vox Vulgaris
    Rókátanc Rókátanc
    Probably one of the most quintessential medieval folk albums out there. This is medieval music as medieval people played it, while still remaining fairly "academic" and not falling in the "party music with bagpipes" pitfall of more modern albums.
  8. Subaqueous
    by Drown
  9. 金陵祭 Nanking Massacre
  10. Mana
  11. 誄:condolence
    葬:Burial 葬:Burial
    I normally don't like blackgaze. I normally don't like J-pop. I like dream pop, but only a bit. Why the hell I like this, then? Hell if I know, but I like it a lot. Maybe is one of those "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" type of situations.
  12. Northern Memory (Vol. 2)
    by Tengger Cavalry
    The Rescuer The Rescuer
    I'll always love when folk metal artists do these more folk oriented side albums. Tengger Cavalry's second part of Northern Memory is dark, ritualistic and has a primeval edge that kind of evokes the respect and fear that the nomads of the north must've instilled among the ancient chinese.
  13. High Zephyr Point
    by Drakhian
  14. Earthwrecker
    by Wind In His Hair
  15. Remove Your Skin Please
    by Chat Pile
  16. Silk Panic
    by Cloud Rat
  17. The Ichneumon Method (and less welcome techniques)
    by an axis of perdition
  18. Das Verderben
    by Schattenfall
  19. Empyrée
    by Cénotaphe
  20. There was a HOLE here, it's gone now...
    by Paws Menu
    Room 302 Room 302
    One of the best Silent Hill tribute albums out there, it really nails the atmosphere and tone of the games, mixing successfully the industrial ambient, the trip hop and the other influences, without falling to much into either of them.