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  1. Void Rituals
    by Ruptured World
  2. Dark Ambient of 2023
    by Cryo Chamber
  3. Star Lore
    by Aindulmedir
  4. Dark Ambient of 2022
    by Cryo Chamber
  5. Soludenia
    by Skrika
  6. Mothership
    by Tineidae
  7. The Umbra Report
    by Cities Last Broadcast
  8. 2149
    by Sabled Sun
  9. Fabled Machines of Old
    by Dead Melodies
  10. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
  11. Into the Necrosphere
    by Cosmovore
    All-Devourer All-Devourer
    Technical, brutal, a massive wall of sound with relentless cavalcades that spread the voice of a universe trembling.
  12. Unheard Of
    by Lesa Listvy
    Wastelands Wastelands
    Deeply atmospheric, soothing and even dreamlike at times. This album has been the perfect companion for late night readings and early rides on the train
  13. The Black Tower
    by Sons of Crom
  14. Regicide
    by Hour Of Penance
  15. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
  16. Sixty Second Sara: Quaran-Team
    by Sara Niemietz
  17. Dark Ambient of 2019
    by Cryo Chamber
  18. Carrier Of Weight
    by EREMIT
  19. Ritual Executions
    by THE DEAD
  20. Across the Shifting Abyss
    by Dahlia's Tear