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  1. Snow Like Wool
    by Ronnie Martin
  2. Becoming What You Hate
    by Pony Express
  3. Dirt Floor Hotel Part One
    by LN
  4. Novel
    by LN
  5. From The Womb Of The Morning, The Dew Of Your Youth Will Be Yours
    by Ronnie Martin
    by Starflyer 59
  7. Like a Baby
    by Starflyer 59
  8. Like To Lose
    by Starflyer 59
  9. Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
    by Integrity
    This is beautiful chaos. like Dwid starts with Pushed's band. Then couldn't decide if he wanted to be Integrity or Psywarfare. Then decided to be all three combined. That's 3 cores of a perfect storm of music combined.
  10. Abnormalized
    by Frank's Enemy
  11. Little Red Riding Hood + Big Bad Wolf
    by The Lost Dogs
  12. We Like To Have Christmas
    by The Lost Dogs
  13. Hearts Of Care
    by Michael Knott
  14. Hollow Songs
    by Michael Pritzl
  15. Songs From The Feather River Highway
    by Michael Knott
  16. The Grape Prophet (Deluxe Edition)
    by L.S. Underground
  17. Guadalupe
    by Michael Roe
    I love hearing the sound of the beautiful sound of a poet, his instrument. Maybe dual singers( like my favorite version growing up and today, classic Simon & Garfunkel) this album feels warm to the soul. Crying out Loud's lyrics say the words with more class than I can. Every stripped down song is a gem. Ache beautiful on here is the cherry on top of the joy and feelings. every lyric of that song feels almost completely like I feel, and my poetry. Scary and aching. Doc Love has filled the order.
  18. Gothic
    by Michael Roe
  19. Fun With Sound
    by 77s
  20. It Came From The Basement
    by The Lost Dogs