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  1. Mystery Achievement #1 (Demo)
    by Empty Gate
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    Fuck Like Stars Fuck Like Stars
    Total sadocalypse.
  2. Goodbye
    by The Last Cry
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    Shine Out Shine Out
  3. Ísafold
    by Sólstafir
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  4. Pictures in the Sky
    by echostep
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    Pictures in the Sky Pictures in the Sky
    Urgent yet laid back. Love the little "Kashmir" flourish in Pictures in the Sky. Great track.
  5. Waters Rising
    by The Rope
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Suffer Suffer
  6. Endless
    by Soviet Soviet
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    Pantomime Pantomime
    The guy on this can sing hella good. His voice sounds a little like the guy in Placebo, but he has a different style—more earnest, less sarcastic. These guys are really good.
  7. Flood Spell
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    Hollow Hollow
    OMG finally! MELODIES. I will pay money for this. Insofar as I am capable of simulating the emotion referred to as "happiness," I am happy.
  8. Crystalline Dreams EP
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    City Lights City Lights
  9. Belfry
    by Messa
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    Hour of the Wolf Hour of the Wolf
    She believes them to be demons. After listening to it 900 times I'm starting to think maybe yeah.
  10. Walking in the Shadows
    by Classics Of Love
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    Countdown Countdown
    The way it was meant to be. Stripped-down, hard hitting, no b.s. Put this on when you're tired of all the whining and you want some rock 'n' roll.
  11. C:\>FIXMBR
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    +000hex +000hex
  12. 33 Goth Bands You Should Know III
    by Oskar Terramortis
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    Miazma - Walk The Wire (Sweden) Miazma - Walk The Wire (Sweden)
    I love goth music. Sure, I love EBM — I practically have Northernlight memorized. But I'll always love that good ol' goth.

    Terramortis really knows how to find Just the Right Song. Some people have a knack.

    Hard to pick a favorite. Miazma/"Walk the Wire," Brotherhood/"Another Day," Sanity Council/"Skewered Blue," Double Echo/"Ancient Youth" all stand out.
  13. Anmorata
    by Switchblade Symphony
    track 00:00/00:00
    Switchblade! Ah takes me back. Wait, I don't want to go back. Oh well.

    I love this track. Who is Anomorata? "Her garden's never dry." What does that mean???

    I think she's woman who lived a long time ago whose spirit became intertwined with the wildly growing plants amid the crumbling walls of an ancient garden. And if you stand at the exact center of the garden you can "feel it feed her."

    What is "it" that "feeds her?"

    IDK, but maybe it's better not to stand there.
  14. 16 Years
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    These guys break it down to basics, put it back together, and deliver a song that will haunt you for days. You'll find yourself singing it while shopping at the store. I don't know what the song is about, but it's something really sad. The guy keeps "hanging on." Why? Is it because he hopes that some day it might all work out? You can tell from the melody that it probably won't. But he still keeps hanging on. We can all relate to that.
  15. Crosses and Wreathes
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  16. Strange Weather
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  17. New Buildings
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