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  1. Au milieu de l'hiver
    by Nostalghia
  2. The Saberlight Chronicles
    by Fellowship
  3. Ex Nihilo In Nihilum
    by Et Moriemur
  4. Here, at the end of all things
    by Nostalghia
  5. Tamashii No Yama (Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal)
    by ET MORIEMUR (Czechia)
  6. Olvido
    by Nostalghia
  7. Key To A Vanishing Future
    by Falls of Rauros
  8. To Those Who Fell
    by Ezkaton
  9. ...of trovas and spells.
    by Tuatha de Danann
    The Tribes of Witching Souls The Tribes of Witching Souls
    A superb compilation album. Mystical melodies flit back and forth like a fairy and then nestle in my mind more snugly than a troll under a bridge. This is a great starting point for any folk metal fans who may have missed out on Tuatha de Danann's bountiful career.
  10. Where Myth Becomes Memory
    by Rolo Tomassi
  11. Dans L'Interminable
  12. Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare
    by Bonjour Tristesse
  13. Breaths of Elder Dawns
    by Windfaerer
  14. Gate to Oblivion
    by Age of Athena
    Fallen Skies Fallen Skies
    I'm sad to admit that metalcore and symphonic metal usually bore me to death these days. Nonetheless, Age of Athena used these two ingredients to create a delicious sweet and spicy dish. They know how to write diverse, engaging songs that don't overstay their welcome. Bonus nostalgia points for several of the guitar lines reminding me of old A7X. This is a promising new band that already punches well above its weight.
  15. A New Dawn
    by Skyforest
  16. Ghost Ship
    by Theocracy
  17. As The World Bleeds
    by Theocracy
  18. Mirror of Souls
    by Theocracy
  19. Callous Indifference
    by Headshrinker
  20. Illusions In The Wake (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by NOLTEM (US)