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  1. The Monotone EP (Deluxe Remaster)
    by Tonedeff
  2. Truth (Instrumental)
    by Verbal Kent & Khrysis
  3. A.V.E.R.A.G.E instumental
    by Kazi & Madlib
  4. Whispers [EP]
    by Lucy Camp
    by Ras Kass
  6. Live From The Dungeon
    by Loaf Muzik
  7. Handshakes With Snakes
    by Apathy
  8. Polymer
    by Tonedeff
    Demon Demon
    Album of the year/All years

    Tonedeff once again proves he is a master artist and delivers groundbreaking music that you will not find anywhere else. I guarantee it.
  9. Down Talk [EP]
    by Lucy Camp
  10. Downward Spiral ft. Bumpy Knuckles & Onyx
    by Ras Kass
  11. YouTube Autopsy
    by A Dose of Buckley
  12. Long Hot Summer
    by SoulChef
  13. Peace or Power
    by Deacon The Villain
  14. Instrumentals One
    by Deacon The Villain
  15. Always EP [Explicit]
    by Substantial & Algorythm
  16. Kinda Funny Theme Pack Vol. 1
    by Tonedeff
  17. The Past... [Explicit]
    by Substantial & The Other Guys
  18. Cold Winter
    by Sheisty Khrist x LoFidel
  19. The Grand Leveler [Instrumental]
    by Apathy
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. The WinterFire EP
    by The Grouch x Eligh x CunninLynguists
  21. QN5 RMX No. 3
    by PackFM
  22. Featured Material Vol. 1
    by PackFM
  23. Hunter [EP]
    by Tonedeff
  24. Nerd Rants: Series 2
    by A Dose of Buckley
  25. Another Day in the Life of...
    by Bop Alloy
  27. Strange Journey Volume Three
    by CunninLynguists
  28. The Godz Must Be Crazier (Deluxe Edition)
    by The Demigodz
  29. Dumb High [Instrumental]
    by Demigodz
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Art Is Where The Home Is [DELUXE EDITION]
    by Substantial
  31. Demon [EP]
    by Tonedeff
  32. Underscore
    by Tonedeff
  33. To Dust
    by Built To Fade
  34. Still Motion
    by Natti
  35. Death Is Silent
    by Kno
  36. 460 EP
    by MAK BTCHZ
  37. Niggaz With Latitude (NWL)
    by Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist
  38. Nerd Rants: Series 1
    by A Dose of Buckley
  39. Hyphen
    by Tonedeff
  40. Glutton [EP]
    by Tonedeff
  41. Twelve ft. Dominion & Hydra
    by PackFM
  42. Stick Em - (Produced by Ilajide)
    by Clear Soul Forces
  43. Cold.Killed.Collected. (2005-2010)
    by Tonedeff