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  1. 棲居在溪源之上 Seeking the Sources of Streams
    by Cicada
    抵達圈谷之前的稜線 On the Way to the Glacial Cirque 抵達圈谷之前的稜線 On the Way to the Glacial Cirque
    Another fantastic release from Cicada
  2. 永遠と一日 / Eternity and a Day
    by Shintaro Tanaka Winter Light Ensemble
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  3. Moenie and Kitchi
    by Gregory and the Hawk
  4. Excursions
    by C418
    The President is Dead The President is Dead
  5. Sagrada Reset
    by Rayons
    our future our future
    Despite having never seen Sagrada Reset, this album evokes feelings in me that I haven't felt in quite some time.
  6. Dawn After Darkness
    by Cicada
    Beautiful in an unexpected way, like a bittersweet ending.
  7. Single|棲居在溪源之上 Seeking the Sources of Streams
    by Cicada
  8. 薬草
    by sea-no
  9. Iroha
    by Cats on Mars
    Iroha Iroha
    Simply beautiful.
  10. 有一撮陽光 Ray of Sunshine
    by Cicada
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  11. 日出 Sunrise
    by Cicada
  12. HELLO People!! : POP! POP! POP!
    by Get your Genki
  13. 弱求生欲
    by Fran
    净化Purging 净化Purging
  14. See-through
    by Kumi Takahara
    Tide (ft. aus) Tide (ft. aus)
    See-through is soft and peaceful, with tints of joy and melancholy scattered throughout. An unusual but highly welcome album.
  15. H△G×Mili vol.2
    by Mili
  16. 目覚める理由 (Reasons to Wake Up) [Mezameru Riyuu]
    by Scott Murphy & Elizaveta
  17. Haneda/Cleyra
    by Halo
    Haneda Haneda
    While I almost never enjoy ambient-style music, Haneda proves to be a unique mix of ambience, melody, and field recordings.
  18. おた LOVES ねこぼーろ
    by おた x ねこぼーろ
  19. Ota
    by おた
  20. Rainy Day Cities -complete-
    by おた