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  1. The Stories Are Taking Their Toll
    by Cat Jahnke
  2. Hang on to Your Hat
    by Video Game Jazz Orchestra
  3. Avakuma
    by PrototypeRaptor
    The Reason The Reason
    This gives me the vibes from the earlier album Aire Blvd. Love it!
  4. Some Songs (2011 - 2021)
    by Simon Panrucker
  5. Lyla and the Starry Fairy
    by Rigel Theatre / Miwele / Arimura Kyogo
    by Savant
  7. ERIS - Legend of Gaidelia -
    by Rigel Theatre
  8. Wendy Port Street
    by Rigel Theatre
  9. Little Red Train
    by Rigel Theatre
  10. Älvorna - Wizards of Erdelåten -
    by Rigel Theatre
  11. Rinn Ding Dong -L'avenir de la Flesvelka-
    by Rigel Theatre
  12. LUNA -Maple Town Memories-
    by Rigel Theatre
  13. SOLROS and the Will of the Altaïr
    by Rigel Theatre
  14. Prière à L'Ange Gardien
    by Rigel Theatre
  15. Lengsel - Ghosts of Memories -
    by Rigel Theatre
    Lengsel Lengsel
  16. Moon And Star
    by Wintergatan
  17. Multiverse (Twinsters Documentary Opening Scene)
    by Wintergatan
  18. Wintergatan Live at Victoriateatern
    by Wintergatan
  19. Local Cluster
    by Wintergatan
  20. Marble Machine Live At Götaplatsen 2016
    by Wintergatan