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  1. Desert Eagle
    by sole
    Tar on Tar Tar on Tar
    since I heard a snippet of "tar on tar" in a short documentation about sole years ago I wanted to buy this record!
  2. Duet Layers
    by Various Artists
    Jungle Jungle
    'cause of track 4
  3. Post American Studies
    by Sole & DJ Pain 1
    Lightbringer w/ Unwoman Lightbringer w/ Unwoman
    not my favourite sole-record, especially the sound, but I love the lightbringer single.
  4. Let Them Eat Sand
    by sole
    never forget: best MC of the universe (ok, next to DOOM)...
  5. Worte & Beats
    by Total Chaos
    Seit "Nachtschattengewächs" meinen Weg kreuzte, gehört die Stimme Manuvas zu meiner musikalischen DNA...
  6. Nattöppet
    by Detektivbyrån
  7. Viceversa
    by Funkstörung
    I Want Some Fun I Want Some Fun
    "I want some fun" is one of the greatest songs of all time!
  8. 8-Way Santa (Deluxe Edition)
    by TAD
  9. Echo Mountain
    by K's Choice
    Come live the life Come live the life
    once again: saved my life! literally!! thank you, thank you, thank you.........
  10. EP#2
    by BRETT
    Schwester Schwester
  11. God's Balls (Deluxe Edition)
    by TAD
    What took me so look?? This is PERFECT!
  12. Bleach: Deluxe Edition
    by Nirvana
    Sappy (live) Sappy (live)
    R‘n‘R is BACK! I adore this band and the Live-Tracks are absolutely great!
  13. Ultramega OK (Expanded Reissue)
    by Soundgarden
    Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version] Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version]
    I'm late for SG, very late! I surely recognised their Singles in the 90s (Spoonman!), but Superunknown felt to dark for me. After Louder Than Love I just reached this one... it still seems dark without any redemption, but the rolling groove is great and the roaring one of a kind... and the early versions are not the usual filler, great versions in very good sound quality!
  14. Lightbringer w/ Unwoman (Televangel ReMix)
    by Sole & DJ Pain 1, Unwoman, Televangel
  15. X-Kalibur (Megaremix) ft. Galv, Classic Der Dicke, David Pe, Alyssa, Der Benman, Der Buttler, Skor82, Terra Pete, Azisa, Toni-L, Alphonzo, Ari Chicago, Heliocopta, Lupara Versato, Liquid, Maniac, Taiga Trece, NOEL IS & Figub Brazlevic
    by MC Rene
    Wow! Geht doch, Deutschrap!
  16. Machine I
    by The Bug
  17. Splitter Vol. 2
    Carpe Diem Carpe Diem
    I like Spax.
  18. knock knock Remixes #2 (PAMPADIGI003)
    by DJ Koze
    Because.. because..
  19. Motherfucker (JG Thirlwell Remix)
    by Faith No More
    Just My Favorite Band!
  20. Little Oblivions
    by Julien Baker
    Wie kann man nur so von Selbstzweifeln zerfressen sein.. und f*ck yeah, die Musik spricht mich an..