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    by Chris Christodoulou
    Blood on the Dancefloor Blood on the Dancefloor
    The entire album is a masterpiece, peak Chris I'd say. Not saying his other work isn't good, far from that, Risk of Rain was crazy good and Risk of Rain 2 is very unique, but DEADBOLT will always be to me peak Chris. Also the vinyl is amazing, holy shit.
  2. Risk of Rain
    by Chris Christodoulou
    Dew Point Dew Point
    First time I heard Chris' music. Fell in love right here. I can't quite put into words what Dew Point causes in my brain but I freakin' love it.
  3. Where Silence Is Nonexistent
    by A Himitsu
  4. Risk of Rain 2
    by Chris Christodoulou
  5. DOOM on Roland Super Jupiter (MKS-80)
    by Anders Enger Jensen
  6. Big Booty Bitches
    by ALostPeople
    We don't want no skinny bitches.
  7. Shu's Garden
    by Colin Sanders
    Hey, Shu! Hey, Shu!
    Those tracks bring such a calming sensation inside your mind that you won't even be able to explain. The perfect harmony between being happy and calm.
  8. Smash It (Gold Collection)
    by F-777
  9. Celtic Dance Machine
    by F-777
  10. Raptor
    by F-777
  11. Memories (2011 Arrangement)
    by F-777
  12. Venom
    by F-777
  13. Deadlocked (Vol. 3)
    by F-777
  14. Viking Dance Machine
    by F-777
  15. Run 3 (OST)
    by F-777
    Wormhole To Somewhere Wormhole To Somewhere
    Adrenaline. Need adrenaline? Right here.
  16. Sound of Infinity
    by F-777
  17. Smash It (Vol.2)
    by F-777
  18. Newgrounds Classics (2013 Remakes)
    by F-777
  19. Wild West Dance Machine
    by F-777
    by F-777