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  1. Air Canda "Air Canda"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Fata Morgana Fata Morgana
    This album grew on me like kudzu. The bridge of "Five Worms" served handily as a point of departure, until I pried open such geodes as the wonderful "Rainy Man," "Ritual"'s quasi-tribal extasy, and the bluesy contortions of "Fata Morgana," which features one of the world's premier guitar solos. "Chronoclasm" and "Signature" are the only truly scary, over-the-top avant-jazz pieces here -- the rest is jubilant, complex, refreshing prog-rock.
  2. solipse
    by Anarchestra
  3. AnotherMay
    by AnotherMay
  4. H
    by AnotherMay
  5. Catch Some
    by Bernie & The Wolf
  6. Smile
    by Blossom Hill
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  7. Stranger in the Alps
    by Phoebe Bridgers
  8. blooming
    by jane burkland
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  9. a love song for my sweet joe
    by jane burkland
  10. off we go
    by jane burkland
  11. photosynthesis
    by jane burkland
  12. a song for summer
    by jane burkland
  13. Split Shins
    by cabin man
    Loomer Loomer

    Cabin Man is one of my favorite new rock and roll bands. They write riffs both evocative and queasy which recall the Sonic Youth and Soundgarden, but they produce their recordings with no apparent regard for fidelity or clarity. Thus the songs take a while to sink in. But eventually they do.
  14. Show Me The Way To Go Home
    by Cain Marko
    Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife
    A great meeting of post-hardcore dissonance with pop-punk's sugar rush and knack for songs. Like Matthew Walther says, bubblegum is better with a little crunch.
  15. Heartwork (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Carcass
    This Is Your Life This Is Your Life
    Though parts of side 2 and the live bonus tracks can safely be ignored, this is still a great metal album. The songs range from compellingly ugly ("Blind Bleeding the Blind", "Carnal Forge") to ruthlessly thrashing ("Arbeit Macht Fleisch", "Death Certificate"), and "This Is Your Life" and the title track are quite beautiful for death metal. I don't know how it stacks up as "metal" but it's great music.
  16. Take the Clutterbus to Stumbleweed Station
    by Charlotta Clutter
  17. Conserve
    by Conserve
  18. Puzzle Dust
    by Conserve
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