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  1. Family the Smiling Thrush
    by Boss Keloid
  2. Quest for Oblivion
    by Sun Crow
  3. Extinction Level Event
    by The Vicious Head Society
  4. Pound of Flesh
    by Beast Mode
  5. Chosen One
    by Thunder Horse
  6. Lucifuge - Infernal Power
    by Dying Victims Productions
  7. NGR
    by Omination
  8. Temple of Khronos
    by Spire
  9. Tides
    by Nomadic Rituals
  10. Insomnia
    by A Light in the Dark
  11. Possessed by Evil
    by Evil
    WOW !! this is F....n Wicked ! about being Steam Rolled with one Cool Riff after another.. Top Shelf.
  12. Edge of Eternity
    by Lör
  13. As The Flame Withers
    by YOTH IRIA
  14. Where the Word Acquires Eternity
    by Khors
  15. Hierophant Violent
    by Forlesen
  16. It's a Whimsical Afterlife
    by Avenade
  17. Glow
    by Countless Skies
  18. Silver Screens
    by Ivan
  19. Technatura
    by Vulkan
  20. Megaton Sword - Niralet
    by Dying Victims Productions