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  1. The Summoning
    by Gravewitch
    Sinistral Ministry Sinistral Ministry
    Holy shit! This album is heading straight to the top of my charts. It's an honour to support bands of this quality. Haven't stopped playing this since it came out, and when that happens you HAVE to buy! 👊🤘
  2. We're All Dying Just In Time
    by Death By Stereo
    Choose A Side Or Open Wide Choose A Side Or Open Wide
    My favourite band for 20 years now. Never a bad release. DEATH FOR LIFE!
  3. Thy Will Be Done
    by Becoming A.D.
  4. Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face (Death Metal)
    by INNARDS (Portugal)
    Absolutely love this EP but my real reason for buying (and not downloading for free which is what I could've done due to eminent generosity) is to support not only the band but also Kunal Choksi who is the lifeblood of metal. It's not much, but I hope it helps. A thousand thank yous.
  5. Benefit for World Food Program USA
    by Good Riddance
  6. Ceremonious Extinction
    Ethereal Spirit Ethereal Spirit
    Fucking atomic thrash. 4 songs for $3.33? Too cheap! Gladly paid more.
  7. Delirium
    by Hazzerd
    This is a fucking crazy album! Where did you guys come from? It's only January and not only is this going to take a lot to beat in the world of thrash, it's going to need a miracle to beat in the whole worldwide world of metal! 🤟😯

    Plenty could get away with a 3 minute instrumental... but a 6 and a half minute one too?! Only you! Totally listenable throughout the entire duration! Masterpiece. 🤘✊

    I'm 48! Blown away! We thought we had it all back in the day... no! We did not!
  8. UnCrowned
    by UnCrowned
    Hiding in Shadows Hiding in Shadows
  9. Visionaire Of Death
    by Sadistic Ritual
  10. Final Stand
    by Agnostic Priest
    Final Stand Final Stand
    Absolute crazy mix of genres played with immense talent! The short crossover songs (self-titled one reminds me of the Kings of Crossover, GangGreen) are pure shots of delight, but it's the 2 longest songs, Final Stand and Abysmal Horror that take centre stage here. Memorable songs with riffs and shredding solos galore, one after the other - you hardly notice the short run time... just play it the fuck again! Like I have, several times.
  11. Death Becomes My Voice
    by Ringworm
  12. Misconception
    by Critical Defiance
    Desert Ways Desert Ways
    Unspeakable Axe have a habit of finding these great bands from unexpected places (Chile usually, see also Hellish) and this one is top of the crop. Great production and musicianship. Riff after riff, blazing solo after blazing solo, end to end thrashtastic metal! One listen ain't enough, just hit play again when it ends. Fuck yeah!
  13. The Spectre of Lonely Souls
    by Hellish
  14. Subtype Zero - The Astral Awakening
  15. Necrohymns (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
    by SATHANAS (US)
  16. The Unchaste, the Profane, & the Wicked
    by Gravehill
  17. Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below EP
    by Sentient Horror
  18. Against the odds
    by CRISIX
  19. Cryptolith
    by Cryptolith
  20. Land of Weeping Souls (Death Metal)
    by PAGANIZER (Sweden)