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  1. Planetary Annihilation (Original Soundtrack)
    by Howard Mostrom
    Destiny into Darkness Destiny into Darkness
  2. Dungeon Hearts - Original Soundtrack
    by Sam English
    Troublesome Foe Troublesome Foe
  3. Dungeon Hearts (Metal Soundtrack)
    by Viking Guitar
    Clash of Iron Clash of Iron
  4. Octodad (Nobody Suspects a Thing)
    by McKinney 'n Sons
    Octodad (Nobody Suspects a Thing) Octodad (Nobody Suspects a Thing)
  5. Cargo Commander Original Soundtrack Add On 'I Surely Hope'
    by Nineyards Audio
    I Surely Hope I Surely Hope
  6. Cargo Commander Original Soundtrack
    by Nineyards Audio
    Game Over Game Over
    Reason why I chose "Game Over"-tune is not only the be "different". But also that fact that I keep getting "Shadow of The Beast 2" + Miami Vice-vibes with the subtle tones.
    All in all, this is a very good atmospheric soundtrack for a good solid game.
  7. Brony Polka
    by AnimatedJames
  8. Four's Fall Down
    by Rainbow & Rooted
    Style and Speed Style and Speed
  9. Undertale Demo OST
    by Toby "Radiation" Fox
    Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
    "Undertale" (demo) is one best modern "retro-game" done correctly, down to the soundtrack over here we have which is very nice combination between chip-tune and CD-game MIDI-style.
    ...I'm not adding anything new, granted. But you'd surprised how people are able to mess-up this recepy nowadays!
  10. Mir
    by Olli Laine
    Columbia Columbia
  11. Princess Celestia Is Best Pony
    by Not A Clever Pony
    The Art of Celestia's Dress The Art of Celestia's Dress
  12. My Little Orchestra - Friendship Symphony No. 1
    by Tsyolin
    My Little Orchestra - Giggle At The Ghostie My Little Orchestra - Giggle At The Ghostie
  13. The FA Collection Vol. 1
    by Fox Amoore
    I Am Here I Am Here
  14. To the Moon <OST>
    by Kan R. Gao, feat. Laura Shigihara
    To the Moon - Main Theme To the Moon - Main Theme