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    Death Death
    Like a Doom Stooges or The Limit.
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  2. Thunderchief (Anniversary Edition)
    by Shotgun Sawyer
  3. When Their Gods Come For You
    by Witchcryer
  4. Who Forgot & This Magic Lasts
    by VUG
  5. Polyfrenetics EP
    Comfortably Dumb Comfortably Dumb
    Pretty good retro leaning acid rock .
  6. 666 (single)
    by The Sonic Dawn
  7. Season of the Witch Chapter Two
    by ARTEAGA
    fan club exclusive
  8. Spiritual Crossing
    by A Better Tomorrow
    Ghost of Remembrance Ghost of Remembrance
    Wow ! The vocals will melt your soul .
    Very unique heavy metal.
  9. Early Works
    by Head
    Drowned in Spilt Milk Drowned in Spilt Milk
    This is seriously some good Head . Seventies style , slow and heavy, and you get to name your price .
  10. RidingEasy Xmas 2020 Mixtape
    by RidingEasy Records
  11. Now's The Time - EP
    by Triúr
    This is very interesting. Seventies sounding for sure . I’m struggling to compare them them to a band . Maybe mid period UFO 🧐
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  12. Live at La Plata
    by Surya
    Tales of the Great Fharats / Turtle Shaman (Live at La Plata) Tales of the Great Fharats / Turtle Shaman (Live at La Plata)
    Excellent Spanish hard retro acid !
  13. Rock Fantasy
    by Risingfall
  14. Terror in Thrace
    by Tabernacle
    The Curse of Akkad The Curse of Akkad
    This is my favorite United Arab Emerites metal band at NYP.
  15. Circle Of Days
    by Hippie Death Cult
  16. Karmic Seeds
    by Karmic Seeds
    The Black Witch of Mount Sinjar The Black Witch of Mount Sinjar
    Sad story . Excellent album ! At least what I heard. Check out Black witch ...
  17. High n' Heavy - V
    by Electric Valley Records
    Screaming Moon Screaming Moon
    This is High and Heavy music 🎶
  18. DOOM SESSIONS VOL.5 - High Reeper // Hippie Death Cult
  19. Princess
    by Princess
    Haunted Haunted
    Really unique and cool . A blend of Paul Chain , Thin Lizzy and David Bowie and Early Nwobhm.
  20. Dunbarrow III
    by Dunbarrow
    Lost Forever Lost Forever
    Absolutely incredible! Some classic Dunbarrow songs and a few gems with a new twist , yet thoroughly Dunbarrow. One of the best bands in the scene.