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  1. SFD048: Delicate Droids - Walk Of Shame
    by Superfreq
    The Room Is Spinning The Room Is Spinning
    Superfreq really is stepping up its game again giving us this awesome EP from delicate droids who as always have delivered there signature funky ass combination of underground house and jazz fusion vibes. In love with this already and me gonna love it long time too
  2. Puedes Sentirlo
    by Shane Watcha
    Puedes Sentirlo V2 Puedes Sentirlo V2
    Awesome work by another one of my favourite producers, highly recommend and more
  3. SFD047: Various Artists - Freq Traxx Vol. 1
    by Superfreq
    Mr.C - Stand Up (16b Remix) Mr.C - Stand Up (16b Remix)
    Been looking forward to getting the Omid 16B remix and wasn't disappointed, it comes with 3 other awesome tunes that are all masterpieces. If you want to hear cutting edge forward thinking proper underground tunes, look no further.
    by Skudge
  5. SFD044: Saytek - Voltage Controlled
    by Superfreq
    as always fresh, cutting edge n forward thinking tunes, just as I always expect from superfreq and Saytek, quality
  6. SFD046: Jay Tripwire & Modern Ancient - Heart432
    by Superfreq
    5 tunes, 4 of which are remixes, but as always with superfreq each tune is a masterpiece. Some awesome vibes coming from all of these
  7. Who Threw Teddy In The Garbage Can?
    by Richard D. Ruttenberg
    Who Threw Teddy in the Garbage Can? Who Threw Teddy in the Garbage Can?
    This man is a musical machine and his passion for music knows no bounds. Every time I get n listen to his new albums I feel I get to know him a bit more each time, which just goes to show he puts his heart n soul into it. This is an awesome album that comforts your ears as well hugging your soul. i highly recommend this to anyone who values original deep music that becomes a part of your life.
  8. The First Annual Fundraiser - War Child
    by Lord Of The Isles, Bicep, Move D, Neville Watson, Hammer, General Ludd + More
  9. Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 2)
    by LIFECOACH, The Craigie Cartel, DJCJ + Your Planet Is Next
  10. Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 3)
    by Brainwaltzera, William The Squid, Kovyazin D, Deep Space Orchestra
  11. The Second Annual Fundraiser - War Child
    by Chaos In The CBD, Shanti Celeste, Andy Hart, Legowelt, The Burrell Connection, R-A-G + More
  12. Beckoned EP
    by Carl Finlow
  13. Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1)
    by Highfield Casuals, Natureboy Gold + Steven Simpson
  14. Mindstorms EP
    by DJ Overdose
  15. Shemoneh Esrei Project
    by Richard D. Ruttenberg
    Givurot Givurot
    Richard uses his musical talent and inner drive to not only create music, but to also tell a story at the same time. I've been looking forward to hearing this for over a year and I can now confirm it was worth the wait. Every track and the whole album as a whole present you with a deep vibe and a mystical journey through sound. It all gels n flows seamlessly with loads of beautiful sounds.Richard has taken things to the next level with this and you need to buy and enjoy this masterpiece
  16. random / abstract
    by zedmeco
    cozmik dilema cozmik dilema
    With his rich and impressive history we are offered yet another electronic masterpiece, you need in your life
  17. The Waveform Transmitter Presents House for the Homeless
    by Various Artists
  18. SFDMRC30: 30 Years Of Mischief
    by Mr.C
    Affie Yusuf & Trevor Loveys present House of 909 - Chant (Mr.C Remix) Affie Yusuf & Trevor Loveys present House of 909 - Chant (Mr.C Remix)
    leading by example for the last 30 years this collection of some of the awesome musical creations Mr.C has produced is a must for any electronic/house/dance fan. Highly recommend
  19. Werone - Broken Beyond Repair EP
    by Werone
  20. The Musical Magical Midi Machine
    by A Guy Called Gerald