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  1. EP 2013
    by Clan
  2. Stone By Stone
    by Ten Ton Tabby
  3. London Looping Festival Live Recording
    by Matt Stevens
  4. Live In Blackpool
    by Matt Stevens
  5. Crumbling Ghost - II
    by Crumbling Ghost
  6. Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  7. RAIN
    by Freedom To Glide
  8. Strauss EP
    by STRAUSS
  9. Hammerstorm
    by Arkham Witch
  10. Relic
    by Matt Stevens
  11. Ghost
    by Matt Stevens
  12. Echo
    by Matt Stevens
  13. Unloved Creatures EP
    by SACREDS
  14. Overcoming The Monster
    by KingBathmat
  15. Immerse EP
    by Immerse
  16. EP
    by Invocation
  17. Secrets of the Seventh Year
    by Stars Over Shadow
  18. Everybody Dies EP
    by Grimace
  19. Through Conviction
    by Seethe
  20. Hallelujah in the Fire
    by Southern Train Gypsy