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  1. As If You're Never Hurt
    by Slime Girls
  3. Chưa Ra Đời
    by hiimhii
  4. アニメーション・トリッピング
    by マッチャポテトサラダ
  5. Vol. VI: Rainy Daze
    by Wave Racers Collective
  6. 脈脈と、終焉と修繕 [215 endings to repeat mending]
    by canooooopy
  7. Laundry Song EP
    by The Buddy System Forever
  8. Super Mild
    by Kopy / Tentenko
  9. Window Drafts
    by Kohl Weisman
  10. ÍDEM
    by Luxregem
  11. Hinerunsun
    by Drug Papa
  12. Undo,Redo (2014)
    by Ryuei Kotoge
    by rufe snow
  14. 天地を解くコデックス [codex to uncoil the cosmos]
    by canooooopy
  15. Perimeters 周長
    by FalseGarden螳
    Rejoinder 重新加入 Rejoinder 重新加入
    A light and breezy EP with some perfectly retro vibes for a summer on the beach or in a bustling city. Love it
  16. Voyage Original Soundtrack
    by Calum Bowen
  17. 11 Pieces Of Fragmented Memories
    by Yoshimi
  18. Beat My Distance
    by Anemone
  19. 眼泪含泪
    by 輕描淡寫 x Kuroi Ame
  20. The Warrior
    by Brighter Than a Thousand Suns