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  1. Endless
    by Soviet Soviet
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    Endless Beauty Endless Beauty
    I saw the story about this band not being able to enter the U.S. thanks to the stupidity of the customs agents in Seattle. After reading it, I promptly came here to buy their most recent album. They have a very good sound that reminds me of Joy Division and New Order. I wish the band well and apologize on behalf of my fellow American music fans for the way they were treated. We're living in an age of absurdities.
  2. Listen
    by Rachel Flowers
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    Greg's Favorite Greg's Favorite
  3. Return to Exile
    by Music For Isolation Tanks
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    EnoRdMoANi EnoRdMoANi
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  4. Echotides (ep)
    by Erik Wollo
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    Echotides No. 4 Echotides No. 4
  5. Monolith
    by As Lonely As Dave Bowman
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    Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio Antenna Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio Antenna
  6. Sacred Dimension SOLD OUT
    by Nat Birchall
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    Ancient World Ancient World
  7. World Without Form
    by Nat Birchall
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    World Without Form World Without Form
    Very gratified beyond measure that this kind of Jazz did not die after the early 1970s. Very transcendent music that speaks to my soul.
  8. Second Sound
    by Druckfarben
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    Second Sound Second Sound
    The second album shows a marked growth from the first. The songwriting is surer as is the musicianship (even though there was nothing lacking on the first album). There is just a confidence here that shines through. Their sound has solidified as well. I do hear moments that reflect Yes or Kansas or Moon Safari or Nathan Mahl, but the overall sound is not imitative but respectful of what's gone before. This is a great record. One of the best Symphonic Prog albums of 2014 for sure.
  9. Druckfarben
    by Druckfarben
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    Excellent debut of modern Prog that still reflects the spirit of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The track "ELPO" is a wonderful opener that introduces the band to maximum effect.