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  1. Agadez
    by Etran de L'Aïr
  2. Diaspora Problems
    by SOUL GLO
  3. The Buried Storm
    by Darkher
    Lowly Weep Lowly Weep
    "I'm not saying that the album is terrifying, despite my folk horror comparisons. But let's just say, I might chicken out of listening to this if outside and alone in the fog."

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  4. I
    by Epitaphe
  5. II
    by Epitaphe
    Melancholia Melancholia
    "It moves from funeral doom dirges, to pummeling black metal, to airy prog rock, to blistering blackened doom, and none of it feels out of place. I'm not even sure if I should be in awe of its compositions or how convincing the performances and production make them feel. I'm just in awe."

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  6. Marako Te Ruki
    by TE RUKI
    Tomo Te Aho Tomo Te Aho
    "That's it. Now I want every culture to make at least one banging black metal album."

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  7. Okovi
    by Zola Jesus
  8. Grave Aperture
    by Idol of Fear
  9. A Forgotten Epitaph
    by Cursed Cemetery
    Burned Anchor Burned Anchor
    "This is not only clearly the project's best record, but also it finally cleared the path to what I imagine Cursed Cemetery always should've been: compelling eerie music. Rarely does a record jump from dark ambient to blackened drone to doom to jammy post to blacknoise to funeral doom and still sound cohesive."

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  10. Close
    by Messa
    Rubedo Rubedo
    "As the years go by, it is getting harder and harder for me to find new bands that manage to impress. Messa is one of them. Their style of doom is classy, artful, soulful, and seductive."

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  11. The Quiet Earth
    by Morrow
    Of Sermons And Omens To Mend Of Sermons And Omens To Mend
    "The greatest strength of the music is not the arrangements or the vocal performance or its creativeness, but in how all these elements work together for a common goal: making the listener feel the story."

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  12. Fallow
    by Morrow
  13. Covenant Of Teeth
    by Morrow
  14. Her True Nature
    by The Nest
    We Are One We Are One
    "For one night, Wolvennest became The Nest, by nearly doubling their lineup. Hell, at this point The Nest could add another 5 members and they'll still probably sound perfectly well layered."

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  15. Ode and Elegy
    by Ode and Elegy
  16. The Eye Of Every Storm
    by Neurosis
  17. Endless Detainment
    by Serpent Column
    Violence Aesthete Violence Aesthete
    "This time around the black metal is more hardcore-infused and sporting chaotic riffs and blasts that often feel closer to Converge than anything Serpent Column did before. All the hardcore and math elements finally clicked with me as more than mere extensions of the black metal sounds, but more as standing on their own feet alongside the black metal."

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  18. Reverence
    by Det eviga leendet
  19. Katartisis
    by Serpent Column
  20. Kathodos
    by Serpent Column
    Desertification Desertification
    "In many ways, Kathodos represents Theophonos stepping in exactly the direction I was hoping he would with Serpent Column. The careful layering and compositional intricacy of the project is still present, but it's been infused with a greater sense of direction, pacing, and memorability that makes it feel a bit more organic and overall easier to get into."

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