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Patrick Taylor

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  1. North Pinion
    by Lanayah
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    Wilting Wilting
    Unbelievably emotionally powerful. Talented and raw performances from everyone involved. Not much more needs to be said; this is really special. Keep an eye on it.
  2. Christmas Island
    by AJJ
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    Temple Grandin Too Temple Grandin Too
    Strangely most people don't consider this their favourite AJJ album, or at least not close, but it's really up there for me. Unforgettable lyrics that are as witty as ever and beautiful tunes. Something on here will strike a deep chord with you.
  3. The Agent Intellect
    by Protomartyr
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    Dope Cloud Dope Cloud
    by Zach Hill
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    Face Tat Face Tat
    Both furious and excited at the same time, this album showcases Zach Hills's artistic philosophy (and his destructive drumming) better than any other release: ecstatic misanthropy. Learning to love to hate the world, with a little monster worship thrown in.
  5. exits
    by JAE
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    exit I exit I
  6. The Bible 2
    by AJJ
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    My Brain Is A Human Body My Brain Is A Human Body
    Truly beautiful and emotional. One of those albums that can make you cry no matter how many times you listen to it. It feels like an ode to all those mistreated youths who've found comfort and sympathy in AJJ's discography over the last few years. Very, very hard to pick a favourite track. Come to Australia pls Sean!
  7. Live with Odeon Quartet
    by Mount Eerie
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    Mouth of Sky (Odeon version) Mouth of Sky (Odeon version)
  8. False Weavers
    by Blackbird Raum
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    Disfigured Isolation Disfigured Isolation
    Blackbird Raum's best. Powerfully sets up their signature half-fairytale-fantasy-half-dreadful-near-apocalyptic-reality world; overflowing with revolutionary emotion; and beautifully, angrily written. Shoutout to Silver Sprocket for the sick poster btw.
  9. Twelve Dark Noons
    by Naked on the Vague
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    High Noon High Noon
    Stumbled across this while looking for local post-punk, and sonically speaking it's everything I could've hoped for from a mysterious soundtrack to a short experimental horror film that doesn't exist (or may as well not exist; where is it???). In general, this tiny release is almost too cool, unique and unsettling to be real, but here it is for your listening enjoyment. Prepare to be transported to the middle of nowhere.
  10. RE•SET
    by Vektroid
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    Segfault Temple Vigo Segfault Temple Vigo
    Vaguely narrative-driven, vaguely not. Sorta atmospheric, sorta not. It goes without saying that Vektroid's music is heavily subjective, but this one feels particularly special in its depiction of a dissociative trash pop wasteland.
  11. true that
    by Michael Cera
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    Ruth Ruth
    When I listen to this album I imagine a fantasy where I meet Mr. Cera at a cafe in winter. I nervously approach him and do my best to make conversation without being annoying, and somehow it works. I tell him that I love his album; it's the kind of music that makes me want to have kids so I can introduce it to them. The conversation goes better than I could possibly hope, because he knows it really is special to me. Wow this review is weird.
  12. Nature Tapes EP
    by Lemon Demon
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    Really Cool Wig Really Cool Wig
  13. Astrological Straits
    by Zach Hill
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    Uhuru Uhuru
    Zach Hill's other pre-DG masterpiece. Optimistic and with charming sampling and atmosphere that reminds me of The Books/Zammuto, but also just as manic and supernatural as his other work. Special mention to Dark Art, which is unnaturally catchy and wonderfully written.
  14. Sisyphus
    by Pryss
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    My Right My Right
  15. Big Danger
    by Vektroid
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    Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man
  16. Ok
    by Ashleigh-Rose
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    Rainbow Rainbow
    I only started listening to this recently but it continues to grow on me. Very personal, real and and delicately written. It's strange and unwelcoming at first, but now it feels like the kind of music I could sleep inside of.
  17. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)
    by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
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