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  1. Grand Prairie, Texas
  2. Electronic
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  1. Fuzzybrain
    by Dayglow
  2. HATE EP
    by Flossed In Paradise
    New Hope New Hope
    You've got good vibes in your music and an interesting style. Even though it's 8 years apart from your Off World album I can still hear your vision. Love it.Hope to see more released by you.
    by Flossed In Paradise
    This whole album is my favorite track. So much texture, so many things going on yet it blends perfectly along with the vocals. It's engaging but not aggressively. It greatly amplifies the experience in anything I'm deep into like drawing or reading and puts me in a positive state of mind instantly. Each song mixes together extremely well as it plays and I feel reality rushing back very fast when it's all over. There's just something about this album that strikes me in awe and I think it's love.
  4. Solstice
    by oDDling
  5. Divide
    by oDDling
  6. Outlines
    by Forhill
  7. Supernal
    by Forhill & oDDling
  8. Refractions
    by Forhill
  9. Destinations
    by Forhill
  10. Arrival
    by Forhill & VIQ
  11. Figments
    by Forhill
  12. Searching
    by Forhill
  13. Into Dust (Feat. Tima)
    by Forhill & YOUTH 83
  14. Flicker
    by Forhill
  15. oDDling - Phosphenes (Limited Edition Cassette)
    by oDDling
  16. One
    by oDDling
  17. Phosphenes
    by oDDling
  18. Sample Heaven
    by Mere Notilde
  19. Beyond
    by Voyage
  20. Dream State
    by Voyage