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  1. The Evil in You and Me (Remixed 2021)
    by Lost Breed
    This sounds almost like the band redid this record. I love both versions. I do!! If ya Love the 'Breed, then U just got to have this in your collection. This is for those who love Heavy Music!! It would be very cool if this was on vinyl!!
  2. Live in Stockholm
    by Trouble
  3. Speak No Evil
    by Lost Breed
    YES!! What more do U want? Wino and Pat Lydon!! On one album too. My only complaint is that I already want another record. I sure hope the vinyl takes off because I'd want a vinyl copy of "Save Yourself" and " The Evil In U and Me." Both of those records need to be in EVERYBODY's collection. I don't have a fovorite track because this whole record kicks ass. It really does. What I love about Lost Breed is that they're not afraid to let their balls drag on the concrete. Support this!!
  4. Acheron
    by King Buffalo
  5. Release the Crow
    by Tubefreeks
    By The sounds of things, This may surpass the killer jams of "The Dry Tide." I seem to call The Dry Spell. Go figure. This is yet another awesome jam by Paul V and the crew(Rob and Chris). If I had serious bank, I'd send this tubefreeks Line up ALL two cases of 25 year old scotch!! Thats no shit!!
  6. Seventh Valley
    by Saddar Bazaar
    This is one of those peerless records. The music just keeps getting better. Play Path of The Rose" and then play this,"Seventh Valley." Then you'll see what I'm getting at here. It was kind of difficult to review this because the other commenters are spot on. "The sound of liberation."
  7. One For The Road / Unplugged
    by Trouble
    I just got the vinyl today. Just now(4-14-2022 Thursday 7:38 PM). Ive been wanting this for a while. If you like Trouble then its must have.I enjoy the "acoustic" songs too. The song "Rain" is perfect here. This version ought to have been on the"Manic" record. Anywho This made my day!!
  8. Plastic Green Head
    by Trouble
    I have heard A Lot of people rag on this record. Well, I say this to them..How hard you listen is what you get out of it.Your not going to get a rick rubin style production with a century media budget. At the end of the day its still TROUBLE. Its solid. Its Good. Thats what you tell them. :)
  9. Chopin - The Essential Collection
    by Chopin
  10. WAGNER - In The Lonely Light of Mourning
    B:April 24,1959
    D:August 22,2021
    Shine on, Eric.
    "Every day, WE remember."
    so, Remember Eric Wagner.
    Q; So is this a mandatory record?
    A: Fuckin' A it is.
  11. Erik Satie - The Essential Collection
    by Erik Satie
  12. Advaitic Songs
    by OM
  13. Natural Order
    by Hellbastard
    Black Force Black Force
    This came out in 1990. It was on Earache. At that time that meant it was a must have. This my first time hearing the band. I picked the first album right after this record. Everyting on this record I like. Especially the two Acoustic tracks. I wish Scruff would do more stuff like this. Anywho,It still holds up for me.Fuck it, check it out or not!!
  14. No One Rides For Free
    by fu manchu
    Ojo Rojo Ojo Rojo
    "She wanted nothin' and I delivered." Thats how "Ojo Rojo starts vocally. Scott Hills' accent on attitude is so thick, All the haters get drowned by it. The" Fu" have been giving California a good name since 1990. So ALL to the newer fans, I say welcome..This is where U start!!! :)
  15. More Darkness......(Live compilation EP)
    Justly Executed (Live London, through Sound desk 1989) Justly Executed (Live London, through Sound desk 1989)
    The first five songs are killler. This is from the "Natural Order" era line up. I like the production on this. The rest of the live ep is from a show in '88. The band are still tearing' it up.The sound is not as good but you still get it.If you love Hellbastard, then you need this. You really do.
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  16. Sister
    by Sonic Youth
  17. The Age of Quarrel
    by Cro-Mags
    Malfunction Malfunction
  18. Blackfinger
    by Blackfinger
  19. For Those Which Are Asleep
    by The Skull
    Sometime Yesterday Mourning Sometime Yesterday Mourning
  20. The Endless Road Turns Dark
    by The Skull
    All That Remains (Is True) All That Remains (Is True)