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  1. Santiago, Chile
  2. Jazz
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  1. Outside The Universe
    by Widek
    Galaxy Galaxy
  2. Delimiter
    by The Ralph
    Delimiter Delimiter
  3. Vertigo
    by Memfis
    Vertigo Vertigo
  4. Pirates and Dinosaurs
    by Ben Cosh
    Pirates and Dinosaurs Pirates and Dinosaurs
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Walking Slow
    by Buendía
    Walking Slow Walking Slow
  6. Worldbuilding
    by Ernesto Schnack
    Achieving the Godhead Achieving the Godhead
  7. Keep An Open Mind EP
    by Eric Goldhahn
    Follow The Line Follow The Line
  8. Morning Will Come
    by Joey McNitt
    Gratitude Gratitude
    by NUMBE:RA
    Soulbrotha (JDMC Remix) Soulbrotha (JDMC Remix)
  10. We Like It Here
    by Snarky Puppy
    Shofukan Shofukan
  11. Tango Alpha Tango
    by Tango Alpha Tango
    Mona Lisa's Death Mona Lisa's Death
    Actually not my cup of tea, but still one nice surprise. This album is perfectly suitable for indie and rock fans. However, there are some gems on it that should be cool to everyone.
  12. Seek Know More Feat. Ladi6
    by 50Hz
    Seek Know More (Flamenco Mix) Seek Know More (Flamenco Mix)
    The Flamenco Mix is one of the most enjoyable songs I've found in Bandcamp. The rest of the EP is pretty good too.
  13. After Hours
    Daybreak Daybreak
    OVERWERK is so cool. If you are looking for nice, punchy electronic music, search no longer.
  14. Eras Lost
    by Earthrise
    Challenger Deep Challenger Deep
    I normally do a lot of Meshuggah, and I love heavy sounds. Maybe too much.

    Saying that, 'Eras Lost' is as heavy as you can imagine, ergo, it is amazing. Dense but liquid. Pure oil.
  15. Steps
    by Jo Def
    Luh Luv Luh Luv
    This is sensual stuff. The music is pointed towards sexiness. Again, get your girl, ply this record and you'll be happy by the end of the night, or day...
  16. I
    by Plini / Sithu Aye
    Orm Orm
    Really? Why do I love this? Perhaps because it is a collaboration between two of the most talented guitar players and composers of the genre nowadays.

    Both Plini and Sithu know how to make great music. Now put them together and you'll find yourself listening to an outstanding piece of art.
  17. Plastic Mind Frequencies
    by Plastic Mind Frequencies
    All I've Become All I've Become
    We've all heard shredders. And I have to say I've got a little tired of it.

    However, Plastic Mind Frequencies, though heavily guitar oriented, offers an interesting mix of freshness and innovation. Melodies are superb while the rhythm and riffs sections are heavy.
  18. Filaments
    by Supervoid
    Ladders Ladders
    Sludge. Reminds me of The Ocean and Mastodon. Pretty heavy and full of energy.
  19. Zenith
    by Dexter Britain
    Shooting Star Shooting Star
    Stellar. Just look up to the sky and watch the stars. You'll probably imagine music you'd hear in this album.
  20. Intake OST
    by Cipher Prime Studios
    Be Aggressive Be Aggressive
    Powerful electronic with dubstep remains. Simple, not to too deep, but straight to the point.
  21. Metamorphosis
    by The Flowdown
    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
    Funky as f*ck. Metamorphosis is full of energy and playfulness. Instrumentation is clear, which makes this albums stand out from other pieces of the genre.

    *Last week I crashed my car while listening to this. Be aware, the amounts of groove in this thing are serious.
  22. NEO
    by Grafton Primary
    Closer Closer
    SO ENERGETIC. This album is pure rhythm, dance and power. There is no way you can play this album without wanting to sing or move your body along.

    Love it.
  23. Tanzverbot
    by RasRufus
    Tanzverbot Tanzverbot
    Fresh. Modern. Urban.

    These three words reflect the mood and style of –in my opinion– one of the most interesting jazz albums you'll get.
  24. Ninth and Lincoln
    by Ninth and Lincoln
    Music for Prose Music for Prose
    Take some time, sit down and enjoy this musical trip along the realms of jazz, classical and even electronic music.

    This is definitely not a mainstream album. This is fine art.
  25. Supereroremix EP
    Supererogation (TimfyJames Remix) Supererogation (TimfyJames Remix)
    I think there's no possible combination of rhythms and melodies that can match the softness and yet strength of this mix.

    10/10. Just that.
  26. The Nth º
    Buzzin' Buzzin'
    So much rhythm. Music at the top of the genre. A non-mainstream alternative to any house radio hit.
  27. City Limits
    by Analog Attention
    Dynamic Equilibrium Dynamic Equilibrium
    This is album is so precise. The whole music gives a sense of consistency and structure that is really hard to find. Yet, it has some beautiful melodic work. Nice craft.
  28. The Space In Between
    by Janek Gwizdala
    To Begin To Begin
    Years have passed since I heard something so intimate and nocturnal. Another success by Mr. Gwizdala.
  29. Big Ideas
    by Beats & Pieces Big Band
    bake bake
    Big band avant-garde jazzy music. Listening to this record produces me a very strange, energetic sensation. Melancholia, suspense and action all together on this fine piece of art.