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  1. Heralds Of The Sun (Single)
    by Sviatibor
    Heralds Of The Sun Heralds Of The Sun
  2. Ascendance (EP)
    by Hurna Stainaz
    Very nice break in Sviatibor's universe, the sounds of minimalistic and authentic poetic prayers, greatly enjoyed the atmosphere!
  3. psykhē
    by NOÊTA
    Draumr Draumr
    Deep nostalgia carrying a troubadour's voice. Thank you NOETA for those moments.
  4. Le Havre Du Seigneur Céleste (Haven Of The Celestial God) (Album)
    by Sviatibor
    Vers l'Ascendance (To The Ancestry) Vers l'Ascendance (To The Ancestry)
    Another beauty of soulful and poetic, yet powerful tale about who we were before we uprooted ourselves.
  5. Path To Suffocation (Demo Single)
    by Nervengeist
    Oniric Journey (Introduction) Oniric Journey (Introduction)
  6. From The Northmen's Cry
    by Ulgard
    The Counseling Of The Stray Singer The Counseling Of The Stray Singer
  7. From The Depths
    by Cryobiosis
    Awakening Awakening
    Cryobiosis is Dark ambient from a different place, often unexpectedly harmonic and rhythmic. Bringing variety in DA is a challenge, and this artist has been up to it.
  8. From The Ancestral Abysses (Live Rehearsal)
    by Sviatibor
    Above Blackened Skies (Live Rehearsal) Above Blackened Skies (Live Rehearsal)
    Sviatibor in all it's splendor.
  9. Automne
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
    Perfect, subtle and powerful beauty of sound and darkness. I feel I just rediscovered dark ambient. Thanks for this. Merci.