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Pat D-Beer

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  1. 1455
    by Purification
  2. Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever
    by Purification
  3. Devil's Strains and Burial Hymns
    by Devilspit
  4. Grim, Hateful and Drunk
    by Devilspit
  5. Stages of Twilight
    by Phantom Druid
  6. False Mystical Prose
    by Gallow God
  7. Sonos Aestas MMXVIII
    by Strange Horizon
  8. Perfect Doctrine
    by Purification
  9. Gorilla / Maximum Riff Mania
    by Gorilla
  10. The Furthest Shore (Unmastered 2020)
    by Lucifer's Fall
  11. PUNK?
    by ASKÖ
  12. Destruction Of The Wicked
    by Purification
  13. Open Door Of Doom
    by Open Door Of Doom
  14. Hell And Doom And Days Long Gone
    by Eldritch Rites
  15. Trebuchet
    by Trebuchet
  16. Cyanide Holy Night
    by Seven Houses Burn (VIIHB) Official
  17. Lucifer's Fall / Acolytes of Moros
    by Acolytes of Moros
  18. Cardinals Folly / Lucifer´s Fall
    by Cardinals Folly
  19. Lucifer's Fall / Myopic Empire
    by Lucifer's Fall
  20. Demos 2017
    by Vampire Death