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  1. AMT
    by Serotonin Leakage
    5-MeO-DMT 5-MeO-DMT
    Great follow up to 2C. Ambient passages complement vocals. Pick this album up while it is still available in a physical format.
  2. 2C
    by Serotonin Leakage
    2C-B 2C-B
    Intreresing soothing passages before the vocals kick in. Good driving music.
  3. Banquet In The Darkness
    by Intestine Baalism
    Great follow up to Anatomy of the Beast. Melody increases on this one and pair well with death metal vocals. Buy now before it goes out of print again.
  4. An Anatomy Of The Beast
    by Intestine Baalism
    Anatomy Of The Beast Anatomy Of The Beast
    Great vocals and riffs on this reissue from the 90's. Very catchy OSDM. This is an album of the year for me.
  5. Demo 1984
    by Sauron
    On My Way To Heaven On My Way To Heaven
    Great demo with some good riffs and vocals. Wish they had recorded more.
  6. After The Battle XXV- Double
    by Funeral Nation
  7. Snowland MMXII
    by Sorcier Des Glaces
    The Winter Nightsky The Winter Nightsky
    Finally bought this after not being able to get the original issue of album from years ago. Great Canadian black metal with excellent winter atmosphere.
  8. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  9. Damnatio Cursus
    by Avdagata
  10. The Negationist
    by Æolian
  11. Echoes of Dying Memories
    by Black Therapy
    Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising
    Great melodic sound to this band. While not ground breaking, it is still a great addition to the collection
  12. Nocturnal Triumph - s/t
    by Amor Fati Productions
  13. Witterung
    by Shores of Ladon
    Abgrund Abgrund
    Great album and contender for best of year list. Great vocals and drumming colmplement this band. Continues to evolve with each release.
  14. Wishdream
    by Abstract Void
    Beyond the Horizon Beyond the Horizon
    Great third album from this band. Synth and black metal sounds keep getting better. Definite album of the year contender.
  15. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  16. Kingdom Of Misery
    by Eternal Valley
    Kingdom Of Misery Kingdom Of Misery
    Great album. Each one gets better than the last with powerful vocals and amazing riffs. Enjoy Kingdom of Misery due to the clean vocals. Definite album of the year contender.
  17. Spectre de Mondes Passés
    by Sanctuaire
    Spectre de Mondes Passés Spectre de Mondes Passés
    Great album and a worthy successor to Le Sang sur l'Acier. Vocals and riffs are as good as that album. Had to buy the CD when heard they had a new album out. Hope they continue to put albums out in this style in future.
  18. Der Schwarze Hort
    by Totenwache
    Urteil: Niedergang Urteil: Niedergang
    Great album. After the second track kicks in, every song has great black metal vocals and guitars. Don't let this one pass you by.
  19. Promo 2020
    by Shores of Ladon
    Sirenen Sang (Promo) Sirenen Sang (Promo)
    Great vocals and drumming on this album which has a unique sound which is hard to achieve with all of the black metal bands in existence now. This band improves more with each release. Wish it were longer than three tracks for the digital download.
  20. Death Covenant
    Death Covenant Death Covenant
    All of the tracks on this album are great. Best Fetid Zombie OSDM album yet. Had to buy a physical copy when saw it was out.