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  1. Rostov On Don, Russia
  2. Ambient
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  1. Division
    by Modern Crusader
    Insomnia Insomnia
  2. Fukushima Daiichi
    by Mark Marker
    'Deus Ex' style piece of music, highly recommend!
  3. Robinson: The Journey (Official Soundtrack)
    by Jesper Kyd
    Robinson Theme Extended Robinson Theme Extended
    Very short, but very good minimal ambient score for sci-fi VR-game composed by legendary Jesper Kyd (Hitman, Assassin's Creed)
  4. to nowhere
    by dreissk
    way out way out
    Atmospheric cinematic mix of distorted industrial sounds and idm electronic from 'State of Decay' audio director and co-composer Kevin Patzelt
  5. Beirut​-​19
    by T!NN!
    Movement V Movement V
  6. Death Stranding
    by Valery Posidelov
    Death Stranding Death Stranding
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. The Final Station DLC, Soundtrack
    by Pavel Kuprianov, Geoff Hart-Jones
    Arrows Arrows
  8. Abul Mogard
    by Abul Mogard
    The Room The Room
  9. II
    by Deluxe Sessions
    Faces Faces
  10. Vulgar Auteurism
    by Valery Posidelov
    Shades of Blues Shades of Blues
    Abstract guitar soundscapes with mysterious tone
  11. Remembrance
    by Fellirium
    Like a slow river Like a slow river
  12. Imperfect SoundScape
    by Valery Posidelov
    Imperfect SoundScape (feat. Pasya) Imperfect SoundScape (feat. Pasya)
  13. by ṡonnoṿ
  14. ʝ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  15. spiralis
    by Astral & Shit
  16. day sun
    by oliviaway
  17. Ambiend
    by Valery Posidelov
    Theme (Redux) Theme (Redux)
  18. loop#2
    by Fellirium
  19. loop#1
    by Fellirium
  20. Ϟ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  21. ƵƘ⚕l
    by ṡonnoṿ
    by ṡonnoṿ
    月下老人 月下老人
    Great soundtrack for rainy day!
  23. grounding
    by oliviaway
  24. ͖
    by ṡonnoṿ
  25. Ã^Ǘ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  26. amnesia
    by oliviaway
    interspace interspace
  27. Songs of Mechanisms
    by T!NN!
    Mechanism Eight Mechanism Eight
    appears in 1 other collection
  28. by ṡonnoṿ
  29. The Noise Is Rest
    by lynchobite
  30. The Unknown Place (Noise Collection)
    by Valery Posidelov
    Rostov Metropolitan Rostov Metropolitan
  31. K7
    by Alexander Selivanov
    Beautiful tape loop ambient by russian composer and painter Alexander Selivanov
  32. 井底之蛙
    by ṡonnoṿ
  33. Downpour / Dreams
    by Valery Posidelov
    Downpour (Lyrics of Industrial Mysticism) Downpour (Lyrics of Industrial Mysticism)
    Minimalistic and meditative guitar soundscape by underground russian musician Valery Posidelov
  34. ȺƚT
    by ṡonnoṿ
  35. ŌMǟôp
    by ṡonnoṿ
  36. ҏ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  37. ♇çĊ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  38. Ξ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  39. ʧ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  40. ؆
    by ṡonnoṿ
  41. ÓĝŃL§
    by ṡonnoṿ
  42. by ṡonnoṿ
  43. Ʋ
    by ṡonnoṿ
  44. Metaexterior Ep.1
    by Paul Minesweeper
  45. ķ♭ǵǍĽwȴ
    by ṡonnoṿ