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Brandon Morrill

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  1. Melancholy
    by Shadow Of Intent
  2. Peace is Dead EP
    by Born A New
  3. Dismal
    by Deadland
  4. God Hand
    by Brand of Sacrifice
  5. Dissociation
    by Locked Out
  6. Dream Garden
    by Snake Charmer
  7. Shedding the Chrysalis EP
    by Chernobyl the Secret
  8. Anguish EP
    by Manipulation Of The Population
  9. Die on Mars
    by The Callous Daoboys
  10. Hunt The Dinosaur "Dankosaurus" (Dino Distro)
    by LEGEND Recordings
  11. AngelMaker
    by AngelMaker
  12. King Of Everything
    by Jinjer
  13. None Of Us Are Saints
    by Albert The Cannibal
  14. Skeleton Youth Forever
    by Yüth Forever
  15. Sickness Vol: 1
    by VCTMS
  16. Never Better
    by Soulkeeper
  17. Thin Line EP
    by Lordis
  18. Defilement Of A Wretched Earth
    by Dead Eyes Always Dreaming
  19. Kali EP
    by In Prism
  20. Conjure the Dead
    by PURGE
  21. Regicide EP
    by Bound in Fear
  22. Buried In Dirt EP
    by Dead Nerves
  23. Oblivion
    by Earth Eater
  24. Faithless Eternal
  25. Death Eater EP
    by Wretched Tongues
  26. Why Did You Do It?
    by Kaonashi
    Why Did You Do It? Why Did You Do It?
    Fantastic EP. I moshed with Peter at a Traitors show, and I’m so glad to find this band. Their music really hits me in the feels.
  27. Hard 2 Kill
    by I AM
  28. Bastard Born EP
    by Improvidence
  29. Never Home
    by Kaonashi
  30. Mire EP
    by Bog Wraith
  31. Abysswalker EP
    by Alpha Virus
  32. 1877
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  33. When Legends Become Dust v. 0.5
    by Conducting From the Grave
  34. Delirium EP
    by Corpus
  35. Split
    by Hollow Prophet, Scumfuck
  36. Imminent
    by Lacerate Thy Maker
  37. The Burden Of Isolation
    by Filth
  38. Penthouse Of A Thousand Corpses
    by Raise The Death Toll
  39. The Experiment
    by The Human Experiment
  40. The Abandoned EP
    by Flawed Saviour
  41. Decline EP
    by Held Down
  42. Helpless EP
    by Distinguisher
  43. Growth EP
    by Weeping Wound
  44. Anger Issues
    by Traitors
  45. FORCES
    by FORCES