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  1. VA: The Sun Rises In The East (a Japanese Indiepop/shoegaze Compilation)
    by shiny happy records
  2. Vague Clipping: The Bv's / Toy Tambourine
    by shiny happy records
  3. Shiny Happy Fanzine 04 - Please Rain Fall Compilation
    by shiny happy records
  4. Clubwater - You
    by shiny happy records
  5. I Heard You Dreaming
    by Night Heron
  6. Gold
    by Sleuth
  7. Anesthesia
    by The Umbrella Puzzles
  8. Free Ice Cream
    by Free Ice Cream
  9. a split tape: The Suncharms/Mirrorlakes
    by shiny happy records
  10. You And I
    by Pale Lights
  11. Half-A-Shadow
    by The Reds, Pinks & Purples
  12. Saved From The C Drive
    by Phil Wilson
  13. Happy Families
    by Phil Wilson
  14. Diana
    by Well Whale
  15. Kiss Berry
    by Pop at Summer
  16. You Made Me
    by Pete Astor
  17. Feral
    by RVG
  18. In This House
    by Lewsberg
  19. Crocuses
    by Sea Pinks
  20. Leap Day
    by Terry vs. Tori