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  1. Undiscovered Stories
    by Solar Fields
  2. Alpenpässe
    by Minenwerfer
  3. Yn Ol I Annwn
    by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
  4. Live in Tórshavn
    by Eivør
  5. Ágætis byrjun (A Good Beginning) [Demos, Rarities and Live at Íslenska Óperan]
    by Sigur Rós
  6. Pyroclasts
    by SUNN O)))
  7. The Infernal Pathway (Digital Deluxe Edtion)
    by 1349
  8. VI: Flora
    by Botanist
  9. III: Doom in Bloom / Allies
    by Botanist
  10. Dreaming in a Dead Language
    by Mo'ynoq
  11. Sheer Hellish Miasma
    by Kevin Drumm
  12. Ódn
    by Hamferð
  13. Black Brick
    by Deafheaven
  14. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
  15. ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ
    by vod
  16. We Melted The Wax, Now We Can See
    by Esben and the Witch
  17. Unanswered Hymns
    by CHRCH
  18. Microgravity [Reissue with bonus album]
    by Biosphere
  19. Patashnik [Reissue with bonus album]
    by Biosphere
  20. After Light & Warmth Have Passed From The World
    by Kunst Als Strafe
  21. Chandra Deep Field Resonance
    by Kunst Als Strafe
  22. Den Lille Piges Død (Single)
    by Myrkur
  23. The splits session
    by VUYVR
  24. From the Kettle Onto the Coil
    by Deafheaven
  25. Eiskalt [BB012]
    by VUYVR
  27. demo
    by Deafheaven
  28. Moss and Memory
    by Ruhr Hunter
  29. Visions Of Strix Nebulosa
    by Blood of the Black Owl
  30. Spirit Canoe: Hailing Father Sky (Light The Fires!) EP
    by Blood of the Black Owl
  31. A Feral Spirit
    by Blood of the Black Owl
  32. Celestite
    by Wolves in the Throne Room
  33. Malevolent Grain